Drifting off to dream-filled sleep in a comfortable bed is a feeling that’s almost second-to-none. Much like dreams, fairy tales and fictional stories take us on unexpected journeys, and are often themed around beds and bedtime. Fiction features some pretty fantastical things, and can transform everyday objects into amazingly magical features.

With this in mind here’s a list of five brilliant beds that feature in some of the most remarkable and recognisable stories:

The Multi-Layered Bed from The Princess and the Pea

It’s worth noting that if you’re of royal blood this bed should probably be avoided, due to presence of a strange pea-like lump from somewhere within its cushioned recesses.

The bed is actually has a starring role in this classic fable from Hans Christian Anderson. Fully loaded with mattresses, this bed could be a contender for the tallest ever, but they could probably have just saved a lot of time and effort by investing in a memory foam mattress, which is just as good at providing comfort in heaps.

The Multi-Functional Bed from Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

Full of contraptions and gadgets to help you get up in the morning, productivity is the name of the game with this brilliant bed. The mattress looks comfy too, it’s obviously very supportive yet it allows for plenty of movement with the self-tipping system granting easy access/exit to and from the bed. And let’s not forget that lovely classic floral patterned quilt.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ Travelling Bed

Who wouldn’t want a bed that can take them anywhere they can imagine? Imagine not having to get out of bed during the morning commute. This beautifully designed brass bed had a very-special feature in the form of a bedknob bewitched with a magic travelling spell, meaning you never really have to get out of bed to get anywhere ever again.

Sleeping Beauty(124216)
Credit: Melanie Hughes

Sleeping Beauty’s Beautiful Bed

Everyone knows that Sleeping Beauty slept for a hundred years, but not a lot of people know that she slept very well, tucked-in in the most luxurious bed in her parents’ kingdom. Located in the finest room in the palace, this bed was supposedly made from fabric embroidered with real gold and silver. If you’re going to spend a hundred years in bed you might as well do it in style.

Little Bear’s bed from The Three Bears

You all know the story; Daddy Bear’s bed is too hard, Mummy Bear’s bed is too soft but Little Bear’s bed is “just right”. The secret of Little Bears bed’s comfy-ness is unknown, but if it’s good enough for the picky Goldilocks, then it’s certainly good enough for everyone else.