I started listening to podcasts a couple months ago to help pass time while I was walking to class or working out in the gym. I found a couple I enjoy because they are both entertaining and packed with useful content. Many of the podcasts even pushed me to take action to improve my own life. I outlined below five popular podcasts that I find useful and entertaining.

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

The Smart Passive Income podcast is one of my personal favorites. Its motto is to work hard now so that you can reap the benefits later. Passive income is defined as income you receive without having to trade your time for money. For example, normally you either work for an hourly wage or for a salary where you are expected to work a certain number of hours per week. Passive income creates a system where you are generating cash with little or no work involved. Pat Flynn discusses a number of topics including blogging, affiliate marketing, iPhone apps, and much more to help you set up passive income and gain financial freedom.

The Tim Ferris Show – Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is another one of my idols and is author of the popular 4-hour series. Two of Tim's newest books can be found in the links at the bottom of this article. Tim has mastered the topic of lifestyle design and figuring out how to gain the most output while putting in the least amount of effort. This is otherwise called the 80/20 rule. Tim has many accolades that gives him access to high profile figures from multiple fields. One recent interview that I enjoyed on Tim’s podcast was his talk with the accomplished Jon Favreau.

Freakonomics Radio – Stephen Dubner

Freakonomics started as a popular book written by Professor Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner. It was so successful that they wrote a second book called SuperFreakonomics and eventually came out with this podcast. The podcast discusses numerous topics from the obesity epidemic to government regulation. With every topic they take an unbiased approach and dissect the problem at hand like an economics problem.

Mixergy – Andrew Warner

In the words of Andrew Warner, “I created Mixergy to help ambitious people who love business as much as I do learn from a mix of experienced mentors.” Warner created a multi-millionare dollar internet business with his younger brother and now he is sharing what he and other successful entrepreneurs have learned. Mixergy is designed to inspire you to have a passion for a business you start and not just to start a business to make money.

Entrepreneur on Fire – John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur on Fire is hosted by the eccentric John Lee Dumas and has a loyal following he calls “fire nation”. Dumas interviews intelligent entrepreneurs every day with his interesting set of questions. This podcast will definitely get you up and motivated to improve your life or get your next venture off the ground.