For someone new to the world of online dating, finding one of the best date sites can be a difficult task. While advertisements on television may tell you to go to one place or another, it is really difficult to determine what is the best dating website for you. Some services are free, while others are paid. In some ways, finding the "right" date site for you still might just be as simple as rolling the proverbial dice and picking one to work with. Afterall, dating websites only survive when good and decent people are joining their ranks. For the purpose of this article, I have compiled the 5 best date sites; and will be analyzing and reviewing them based on how good they will be for finding dates, and not to mention good relationships.

The 5 Best Date Sites Reviewed


OKCupid is the first date site I would like to highlight in this article, in part because it is free; and also because I have seen it bring many people together. While this dating site caters primarily towards "younger people" (college aged primarily), it is very useful in providing a good picture of the person you are interested in; even before meeting. The match making process is quite simple, and heavily dependent on how you respond to a variety of survey questions (produced both by the OKCupid staff, as well as by users themselves). The one downfall of this website is that, in catering primarily to college aged students, finding someone to have a long term relationship with will likely be very difficult. OKCupid is notorious for bringing people together to hook up or have short term relationships. Still, as a free date site; OKCupid is great so long as you are aware of what it is typically used for. If you are more interested in a lasting relationship, you may want to avoid this website.

7/10 stars


Perhaps one of the more visible date sites around, E-Harmony easily makes this list in part because of their massive advertising campaign(s) online and on television; but also because they are notorious for actually bringing people together. E-Harmony is well known for producing relationships that have more of a tendency to last, though it may take some trial and error (as should be expected). Not every person you meet for a date will be your soul mate, but this website does certainly do a good job at bringing someone your way who is an excellent partner. E-Harmony does cost money to use, but the outcome is of a much more high quality then other date sites such as OKCupid. If you want serious dating, E-Harmony should be great for you!

8/10 stars

Christian Mingle

Admittedly, when I first saw advertisements on television for Christian Mingle; I laughed out loud. A dating site specifically for Christians? What ever happened to divine intervention? With my skepticism aside, I decided to examine this niche date site and found it to be one of the best; assuming you are a Christian yourself. As one should expect from the Christian religion, Christian Mingle is really a more "wholesome" dating website when compared to any other popular dating websites on the market. The only major problem I have found with this site is the significant price tag, at around $15 dollars per month.

7/10 stars

Match has often been hailed as one of the best dating websites online. One of the important qualities Match has over many competing date sites is it's large database of singles. The more people using the website, the more likely you are to find someone who is great for you! In addition to this, unlike most other dating websites, Match also provides a free 7-day trial. In the case of Match, you certainly get what you pay for: an excellent user interface, a great system for matching, a large database of people, and so much more.



While some people thoroughly enjoy SinglesNet, the overwhelming notion found on a variety of online forums is that this date site "sucks." The website is flooded with fake profiles, and is often used by perverts to prey on well intentioned individuals. With such a heavy focus on this fact by many people, I cannot recommend this site considering it's monthly price tag. While it may be one of the bigger date sites online (showing up on the first page of Google), it comes at a major cost. The likeliness of finding a lasting relationship is low via this website. I do not recommend, unless of course you are just interesting in a sexual relationship.


While finding the best date sites online may be a difficult task, I hope these reviews of some of the top date sites will prove to be helpful in your search for love and a lasting relationship.