There are hundreds of great woofers; however, there are only a handful of speakers that can be considered as being the best subwoofers for cars.  There are also a few factors that go into deciding this! The models that are listed throughout this article are not the most powerful subwoofers, and are not the subs with the highest power rating; however, they produce a lot of high quality bass, and are favourite by car audio enthusiasts!

Throughout this article, you will find 5 of the best subwoofers for cars. These subs are made to suit a variety of budgets; there are some really expensive woofers that produce a ton of bass, and some cheaper ones that only add a little bit of bass. These subs will also suit a variety of trunk sizes; there are 10 inch, 12 inch, and 15 inch subwoofers chosen to be featured in this car audio article. And finally, all 5 of these woofers will work with nearly any type of enclosure; whether you want to install them in a sealed, ported, or bandpass box, they will always produce enough bass to wake your neighbours!

Pioneer TS-W259 S4 From The Champion SeriesPioneer Champion Series 10 Inch Car SubwooferCredit:

Pioneer has been producing some of the most powerful subwoofers for many years; however, the 1200 watts of peak power is not what made me put this on the list of the best subwoofers for cars. After all, Pioneer’s 10 inch sub from the Champion Series only contains 350 RMS watts of power, which isn’t a lot! All of Pioneer’s subwoofers are known for their durability! With that being said, you should not be afraid of blowing the voice coils on this subwoofer when you blast the bass to its fullest potential! To top it off, this is a very sexy subwoofer; it comes in a glossy black finish that your friends will love!

JL Audio 300 Watt RMS 12 Inch SubwooferJL Audio Metallic Finish Subwoofer-12 InchCredit:

First and foremost, any JL subwoofer that sells for $150 on Amazon is an absolute steal! This 12 inch subwoofer contains 300 RMS watts of power, and is rated with a 600 watt peak power potential! This is definitely one of the most powerful subs on the market, and can be considered as being one of the best subwoofers for cars (for the individuals that are looking for a TON of bass). The one downside to this woofer is that it has a range of 22hz-250hz. This means that it will hit many of the low pitched bass notes in the song, but will not be as powerful through the high pitched bass notes!

Hifonics Brutus BRZ15D4 WooferHifonics Brutus 15 Inch WooferCredit:

Most people with compact cars are not able to fit 15 inch subs in their trunk (without any modifications); therefore, this can be deemed as being one of the best subwoofers for SUVs and pickup trucks! Hifonics is not considered to be one of the good subwoofer brands because they have not been around for a long enough time to build up a positive reputation; however, this Brutus BRZ15D4 will pump out enough bass to disturb the peace in your neighbourhood! Most car audio experts will look at this Hifonics speaker, and deem it as being worthy of their car audio system!Kicker 12 Inch Square SubwooferCredit:

Kicker S12X-4 Square Subwoofer

A square subwoofer is not something that you see often, but they produce some of the best-sounding bass! This specific Kicker 12 inch subwoofer has dual voice coils, and pumps out a whopping 2500 RMS watt of bass! If 2500 RMS watts isn’t enough to rattle your bones, then you should really look into getting a pair of these Kicker Solo X Series subs because they are the best subwoofers on the market. Their price might shock you, but I can tell you that they are worth every penny!

Rockford Fosgate Punch P2’s-P2D412-The ABSOLUTE BEST Subwoofers For Cars

I have saved the absolute best for last! Rockford Fosgate is knowRockford Fosgate Punch P2 SubwooferCredit: Amazon.comn for producing the best-sounding subwoofers because their speakers are geared towards allowing the driver to HEAR the bass rather than simply FEEL it! Rockford Fosgate gears their car speakers towards quality rather than quantity. Every watt that comes out of the Punch P2 12 inch subwoofers is a quality watt of bass that will impress even the most experienced car audio lovers!

The majority of car owners would like to upgrade their stereo system to include more bass; however, there are only a few speakers that can be deemed as being the best subwoofers for cars! All of the subs that are listed throughout this article are worthy of this title because they have a lot of power, produce the best quality bass, and are very durable! I would consider any of the subwoofers that you find throughout this article when trying to improve the sound that your car stereo produces!