First off, you are probably asking why google chrome? Well, its user preference really,  as most of the extensions in this top list are also available on Firefox and Internet Explorer as well. I have found google chrome tends to be the fastest web browser as well as the most user-friendly. Plus, you can add as many extensions as you want without expanding the browser or adding clutter.
The 5 Essential Chrome Extensions For New Writers


google chrome ceo
 1.)  Chrome SEO - SEO/Keyword Utility

chrome seo extension


If you're in the internet business then you're no stranger to search engine optimization or SEO for short. Chrome SEO organizes and displays all the analytical data that you need for SEO management. Not only that, click on any one of the displays to go to the source page for specific details. If you are writing for infobarrel or any other kind of revenue sharing website then you'll love this extension. You can quickly check each of your articles to see how well they're ranking up or what areas you need to improve on.


google seo keywords


The secondary feature of this tool is a SEO keyword tool. Just punch in your keywords, hit the button, and voilà! A list of hot keyword phrases pops up for you to choose from. Then just phase as many of the generated keywords as you can into your content and your search engine traffic will skyrocket. Of course, don't just jam in key phrases. If you sacrifice your integrity people tend to look past you.


google share icon 2.)  Google Share Button - Social Bookmarking Utility


in use


Regardless of what kind of content you have, you aren't going to get a decent page rank unless your URL is properly backlinked. To do that you have to use various sources such as social bookmarking websites, blogs, articles, and social network sites to post your backlinks. Lucky for you Google share button takes most of the hassle out of the process. It allows you to select from a list of the best sites and instantly post to any site that you already have a login; although, more and more take a Facebook login as well. In the process, Google share button instantly transfers over all the basic data for you (keywords, titles, ie.) This can save you a lot of time if you are posting constantly.


icon 3.) Incredible StartPage - customizable Chrome Home-Page


startup homepage


This is more of a personal preference but this page can help keep you on task. It organizes your bookmarks right there on the homepage which is helpful when bouncing around websites (note: add and because they aren't on google share button.) Also, it keeps a list of your most recently closed tabs just in case you need to return (you can turn this off.) Finally, there is a little post-it for notes that also links to GMail and Calender if needed.


instant image icon 4.) Instant Image Editor - Browser On-The-Fly Paint Tools


on the fly pain editor


This extension lets you instantly transport an image into photo editor by holding alt + right clicking. This is very useful for adding text or cropping images off the internet really fast. After you alt + right-click an image you are taken to a flash-based paint in a new tab where you can easily edit and save the pic to your computer. You can't expect photoshop-like results, but it will get you farther than your basic paint as it has layers you can actually work with.


icon 5.) Session manager - Save/Load Browser Sessions 

session maneger


Session manager lets you save your current browser session (note: session is the current page and all tabs.) This is best used in one of two ways. You can save your current session for future reference if you're doing research and get interrupted or something. You can also save sessions that you go to all the time like your news, sports, and facebook. Simple organization can save a lot of time in the long run.