What to PackCredit: jenklarikids.comThe flight has been chosen, the room booked, and tickets for some of Las Vegas' famous shows wait at their respective theaters. The only think left to do is pack. Like trips to other destinations around the world, packing for a Las Vegas vacation will vary depending on the season and what activities will take place. To help, here are five of the most important items which should be added to everyone's luggage.

Bathing Suits

No matter what the season, there will be at least one point in a Las Vegas trip where a bathing suit will be needed. It could be in the winter when visiting one of the many resort spas in the area, or it could be in the summer when the hotels along the Strip open up their expansive pool areas. No matter when, a bathing suit is a Las Vegas necessity. Just make sure to pack some cover-ups since many resorts don't like their hotel clientèle walking through the casino in a two piece.

Las Vegas PoolCredit: TI at Las VegasSuntan Lotion

Packing suntan lotion is another must for the suitcase, particularly in the warmer months when the sun is a bright, hot beacon in the sky. Lotion should be used not only while lounging near the pool, but also when walking down the sidewalks of Las Vegas Boulevard and when touring areas outside of the city limits such as Hoover Dam and Mount Charleston. If flying to Las Vegas, only 3 ounce tubes of suntan lotion are permitted in carry-on luggage. Anything larger will become the property of the security screeners.

Sweater and/or Jacket

No matter what time of year, sweaters and jackets should be added to any list of packing items for Las Vegas. In the winter, these items are needed as daytime temperatures average in the 60s with lows in the 30s. In the summer, the chill comes from inside the hotels and restaurants, which crank up the air conditioning to keep the patrons comfortable as well as blow away some of the prevalent smokiness of casinos and public areas.

Lax NightclubCredit: Luxor Las VegasBusiness Casual or Casual Elegant Attire

Las Vegas is a pretty casual town during the day, with most people walking around in jeans, shorts and sandals. Come night, the dress code changes as the celebrity chef restaurants open, theater lights go up and queues appear for the nightclubs. For these venues cargo shorts and flip-flops are frowned upon.

If any of these locations is on the trip itinerary, some additions to the suitcase will be needed. Most theaters, nightclubs and restaurants have business casual dress codes: dress pants and shirts for men, pants suits or skirt and a blouse for women, and shoes instead of sneakers. Some restaurants go one step further with a Casual Elegant dress code. This means dresses for women and a coat and tie for men. Contacting the establishments prior to visiting Las Vegas will help determine what form of attire will be necessary.


No packing list for Las Vegas would be complete without a camera. First-time visitors to the city will want one handy in order to click away at the city's unique architecture, particularly along the Strip. When the sun goes down, the camera will be more important in order to capture the neon-brilliance of the city at night along with the free sidewalk attractions like the Bellagio dancing fountains and Sirens of TI show at Treasure Island. The best time to use a camera are at locations such as the Stratosphere observation deck and Paris Las Vegas' Eiffel Tower where visitors can get a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding desert.