very important lists in your life

the 5 most important lists
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Lists play an important role in our everyday life. We make shopping-lists, to-do lists, lists for this and lists for that. Most of them are only of temporary value. But are there also lists that are meaningful in your entire life? The answer is yes, of course. Before we explore the most valuable lists in your life lets find out what lists are and what their function is.


What is a list?


A list is a collection of related information with or without order. Its purpose is to give form to a mental construct to make it visible, permanent, to give it an order or to pass it on to others. As this article is about the most important lists in your life, we concentrate on the aspects visible, permanent and order.

Writing down a list makes it visible. In doing so, we are able to make it more complete than it is in our head. We fish information out of our subconscious mind that we weren't conscious about before. In the end we have a visible object that we can overlook in a fraction of a second. That is really powerful. Now, we can decide to work with it or leave it as it is.

Writing down a list makes it durable. In a given moment, we often have the feeling that something we think about is self-evident and that we can remember it easily in future. Often, that is not the case. Therefore, writing down thoughts and information not only helps us remember them but also makes them permanent. We can come back later and reread what we have written. A personal list is a statement of yourself of one given moment.

Giving order to a list. Once written, you can either order a list or leave it as it is. Sometimes, we need to know what the most valuable element is or what element comes first chronologically. In that case, we can easily give a hierarchical or chronological order to our written elements. Don't write and order a list at the same time. Concentrate on one thing first and then start with the other. In one situation an ordered list can have much more value for you. In another, you would like to keep your train of thoughts and leave it as it is.


Now we know more about lists and what they are helpful for. Lets start with the list of the most important lists in your life.


  1. Goals – Achievements

This is a classic example of a list that has value over a long period of time. Write down what you would like to achieve in your life. It can range from a college degree to a 100 000 euro annual income. The focus of this list lies on the outcome. As you probably already know, writing out your goals makes it more likely that you achieve them.


  1. Goals – What you'd like to do

The focus of this list lies on the process, the making or the doing. Write out everything you would like to do in your life. Think big but also state the little things like watch the sunrise with someone you like or help someone in a difficult situations. Some other examples: Run a marathon, go diving, visit a television show … Once written down, every goal that you attain gives you a feeling of joy and will make your life a bit happier.


  1. Birthdays

Write down the birthdays of the most important people in your life. Keep this list somewhere close so that you can look at it every day. In that way, you start to remember the dates and never miss any of the birthdays anymore. That list brings you closer to your loved-ones and therefore makes your life more fulfilled .


  1. Perfect mate

Describe the character of your perfect partner in simple words like: Happy, helpful, patience or loving animals. This list forms a grid in your mind that you consciously or unconsciously use to rate a possible mate. Thereby, it becomes more likely that you find a fitting one. It also makes you more self-assured and therefore influences your overall behaviour around attractive people. Give it a try, it is fun.


  1. Values


Make a list of all meaningful values you can think about like trust, love, friendship, pride, success or security. They are not all values in the classical sense but you get the point. Now give an order to your list. Which value is most important, second, third … . This process can be really hard and if you don't come to an end, try create and order for one certain situation. The next time you don't understand your behaviour under given circumstances take out this list and conclude, “In this situation money is more important to me than love. That is why I acted in this or that way!”.



If you can think of other lists that are very to you important over a longer period of time please share in the comments below. I am more than curious about your suggestions.