There are some weird people these days, and no shortage of weird conspiracy theories to go with them. These are some of the most outrageous conspiracy theories proposed since the 20th century.

5. Paul McCartney Died in 1966

Abbey Road

                Yes, according to some people, Paul McCartney did die in 1966. This began with  a car accident that involved McCartney’s Car. Supposedly, he had gotten in a fight with the band at a recording studio and angrily drove off, crashing his car in the process. His body was burnt to a crisp, so DNA identification would not be an option. There are several speculated reasons for why the Beatles would want to cover up McCartney’s death. The first is that many fans would be depressed, even to the point of committing suicide if he was dead. The second is that The Beatles would have a substantial drop in revenue if they had lost a quarter of their band.

            The Beatles found a look alike in the McCartney lookalike contest, and found almost an exact match. There are even rumors that the winner, William Shears Campbell, was on the payroll as a stand in to throw off fans and the press. It was him that would replace McCartney after his death.

            There is evidence of this cover up everywhere. The first major example is on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Album. The 4 Beatles appear to be standing over a rose-covered grave. The second clue is a reflection on a drum. If you hold a mirror the center, there are words that read “I ONE IX HE DIE.” Some of this being in Roman numerals, it is saying that on the 9th of November, he (McCartney) died. A third clue is on the Abbey Road album cover. It shows the 4 Beatles in a supposed funeral procession, each being dressed for his job. There are also certain song lyrics played backward or forward that hint at his death.

4. There is a German/Nazi Base on the MoonMoon(99326)

            Apparently, as early as 1942, the Nazi party of Germany went to the moon and established an underground base there. On top of this, the astronauts of the Apollo missions also stayed there when traveling to the moon.

            The Germans reached the moon after developing and experimenting with advanced flying technology. This technology allowed them to create planes that were shaped as discs, resembling U.F.O.’s. They then used these planes to reach the moon. Though these crafts were never actually documented, air force pilots of the 1940’s do report seeing U.F.O. like objects, commonly called “Foo Fighters.” The excuse for why no actual evidence was found is that the Germans burned all of the blue prints, and took the aircrafts to a secret underground base in Antarctica.

3. The US Never Landed on the MoonRippling Flag

            According to many conspirators, the United States never landed on the moon. We simply faked it to make ourselves seem superior to the rest of the world. They believe that NASA was a film company, who simply created the moon landing in their studio.

            There is evidence of this, though much of it is disproven. The most common is that in one of the pictures, a flag is waving, as if blown by the wind. However, there is no atmosphere on the moon, therefore no wind, so how is it waving? The answer is inertia. The flag was still waving from the astronauts planting and turning the pole in the lunar soil. Another commonly seen error is the fact that there are no stars in any of the pictures. They are in space, shouldn’t the stars be clearer than ever? The reason that stars don’t show up is camera exposure. The space suits reflected much of the sun’s rays, making them very bright. The exposure cannot be wide enough to capture something as dim as the stars, as well as something as bright as the suits.

2. The 9/11 Terrorism was Allowed to HappenTwin Towers

            Yep, we let 3 of the most important buildings in our country be destroyed. And it doesn’t stop here, some event think that the United States destroyed their own buildings, killing thousands of people and causing mass chaos. The government’s motivation for this was, according to conspirators, world domination, a bit of money, or so George Bush could be remembered as a war president.

            It may seem far-fetched, but think of it from the other side. Somehow, 4 commercial planes were allowed to go way off course without any intervention from the US government. One was even allowed to do an 8000 mile downward spiral with a beeline for the Pentagon at the end. Did no one notice that the plane was heading for the Pentagon? Really? Somehow, the media knew within hours who the perpetrator was, as did everyone else it seemed. Not to mention, the FBI found evidence quite easily: an ID was found blocks from the World Trade Centers. Also, the US has tons of undisclosed and destroyed evidence, all regarding the biggest attack on US soil in history. Why didn’t the release it to the public? Is it not important? The US government also believes that who funded the attack was of “little practical significance.” In reality, this is huge significance. There is much secrecy of the 9/11 attack, and we may never know if the US actually did it.

1. The World is Ruled by an Alien Race of Lizard PeopleLizard Man

            And the most far-fetched and perverted of all… The world is ruled by lizard people. According to believers of this conspiracy, started by David Icke, many of the world’s major leaders and influential people descended from an extraterrestrial race from the lower levels of the 4th dimension. This group of people is known as the “Babylonian Brotherhood,” and is mostly male. According to Icke, the brotherhood controls the governments, United Nations, the internet, and media. The children of this race are raised from a young age to understand the goal: world domination and a micro-chipped population. Those who do not understand are shunned.

            The only evidence of this is a Los Angeles scientist’s x-ray machine. This machine supposedly saw a series of underground tunnels under Los Angeles. Also, these tunnels contained pure gold, which the lizards are obsessed with. However, when digging for these tunnels began, they quickly reached the water table, therefore were unable to go on. Obviously, many of the claims made by Icke can be disproven with evidence and simple common sense.

            Overall, many of these conspiracies can be disproven the same way, but I do suppose that we will never really know, at least for years to come.