With Twitter becoming the new way for many to communicate it is only natural that fans of celebrities flock to follow their favorite star.  While there has been plenty said about celebrities who interact and have huge followings on Twitter (currently Justin Bieber with over 35 million), little is said about those who do next to nothing and still get MILLIONS of followers.

We now bring you the most undeserving followed celebrities on Twitter


eminemMarshall Mathers (@Eminem) – 14 Million Followers, 200 Tweets

Despite spitting out only 200 tweets during the past 5 years, Eminem has accumulated almost 14 million loyal followers to follow his every word.  However, if you take a look at his word, it’s mainly publicizing his new show and giving links to his online store (which has pretty decent hats regardless).




cbrownChris Brown (@chrisbrown) – 12 Million Followers, 115 Tweets

This one might be a little unfair considering Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account after getting in a Tweet-spat late in 2012.  We’re going to keep him on, though, to show how crazy loyal his fans are to pick him right back up after he did something stupid out of anger (and yes, we’re only talking about his fans here).



KanyeKanye West (@kanyewest) – 9.2 Million Followers, 36 Tweets

If you’re one of the 9.2 million people following Kanye, you probably need another hobby.  Somewhat similar to Chris Brown, Kanye deleted all of his Tweets in late 2012, only to return in January with a slew of 1 word Tweets such as ‘Truth’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Emotion’ and ‘Soul’.

Kanye was known for going on Twitter rants and being generally entertaining in the past, but this last run of Tweets seems suspiciously like a marketing ploy.  The only person he’s following?  Kim Kardashian.


BeyonceBeyoncé Knowles – 7.3 Million Followers, 4 Tweets

What’s with all of the musicians on this list?  Beyoncé has been cited for blowing up Twitter during her Super Bowl performance this past year, but if you’re looking for her thoughts on motherhood or being married to one of the most powerful musicians in the game, you’re out of luck.

Two of her Tweets are in regards to World Humanitarian Day, so we’re guessing that there must have been a lot of people interested in hearing about saving the World (like over 7 million).


EmmaSEmma Stone – 1.1 Million Followers, 1 Tweet

Emma Stone shows us that it's not just musicians who refuse to engage with their fans.  Despite pulling in over a million followers Emma did not send out a single Tweet until January 10th of this year in reply to a comment from Seth McFarlane.



Emma Stone Reply


How someone accrued over a million followers without saying a single word is beyond me.  At least she stepped it up a little after Seth gave her a little prod.


That wraps up the top 5 – we had 4 musicians and two asterisks for hip hop artists who delete their information.  Are there any that you are surprised at?  Who else do you think should be included (back it up with numbers please!)?