Unusual garden ornaments will set your home apart from the others on your street. The majority of the homes in your neighbourhood will be landscaped with well-mowed lawns, and some flower beds; however, not many people choose to include ornaments in their garden. Even the people that choose to use these ornaments usually stick with the regular ones; things such as rocks, rabbits, and solar lights can be commonly found in gardens.

This article will list and describe the 5 most unusual garden ornaments that you can use to spice up the landscaping outside of your home. These garden accessories will not make your lawn and flower beds look weird, but they will definitely allow them to stand out from the others in the neighbourhood.

5. Solar LED Dragonflies

I say that these garden ornaments are unusual because I have literally never seen them being used on the landscaping of anyone’s house. However, they form an absolutely interesting idea, and I think that they would add some flare to anybody’s garden. In an attempt to be friendlier to our environment, many people are choosing to buy solar powered lamps, lights, and other garden accessories.

I would not recommend placing more than 5 or 6 of these in any given flower bed because they will attract a lot of attention. At the end of the day, the main focus of your garden or flower bed should be the flowers and vegetables that are planted within it! In an attempt to maintain the focus, place a limited amount of these solar powered LED dragonflies throughout the garden in a scattered pattern.

4. Gnomes That Are Mooning And Squatting

If I had to give away an award for the funniest garden accessory, I would definitely give it to this set of garden gnomes! This set contains two notable gnomes:

Mooning garden gnome- I can guarantee you that people will have to take a second look at your home’s landscaping after seeing this lawn accessory. It is the backside of a garden gnome with its pants pulled down; the gnome is showing his rear end. Not only will this attract a lot of attention from the people that are passing by and observing your flowers and vegetables, but it will also bring about a chuckle from your neighbours!

Garden gnome that is squatting- I think that it is best to place this unusual garden ornament over a patch of dirt; it can be placed over the dirt in a garden bed or the manure in the vegetable garden! The garden statue features a gnome in a squatting position with a scrunched up face (it looks like the gnome is going to the washroom). I must say that you should only include this accessory in your garden if you have a good sense of humour. Some people may take offence to it, but the majority of the people will absolutely love seeing this fellow in the landscaping of your home!

3. A Pet Memorial Garden Stone

Not only is this creepy, but it makes people think that you have buried your pet underneath your garden. When you head to the cemetery and see a memorial stone, what do you think? The majority of people imagine that the person is buried underneath the stone!

With that being said, I would consider this one of the most unusual garden ornaments that I have seen because it simply creeps me out! Once people know that you have one of these in your vegetable garden, I can guarantee that they will not be observing your home’s landscaping ever again!

2. Large Stone Fruits Such As Apples And Pears

There is nothing wrong with placing a few small fruit stones in your garden; after all, seeing a stone pear is much better than seeing the rotten pear that has fallen off of your tree! However, placing large fruit stones in your flower bed and garden will simply ruin the look. These stones will literally steal the focus that your plants and vegetables have worked hard to achieve!

1. Garden Gargoyles

These garden ornaments are hit and miss when it comes to them being unusual. Garden gargoyles are highly accepted by some people, and highly frowned upon by other people! We do not live in a world where gargoyles exist, so why would you put them in your garden? The one benefit that these garden statues have is that they will shoe away the animals that will eat the vegetables that you have grown!

I am by no means saying that you should not use these garden statues, ornaments, and accessories; I am actually to convince you to include them in your flower beds and vegetable gardens. Many people like seeing unusual garden ornaments being use in a home’s landscaping, and they will actually give your house some curb appeal!!