Canadian dayFor an immigrant the Canadian Citizenship Test is one of the final steps to become citizen. It usually comes after a long waiting period of 6 to 9 months, that is what it takes for the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to review the application. The CIC sends out an invitation to assist the closes test center and the documentation the candidate needs to take with him to be accepted at the test. Before this the applicant receives a package with the Discover Canada resource book where all the content for the test is explained. As many might know the Canadian test can only be taken once per application. The failing of the test does not affect the VISA or permanent residency status of the candidate. Upon failure the applicant will be invited to assist an interview with the citizenship judge of the region to review the test and the citizenship application.

The test basics are: has twenty multiple choice questions length. The passing score is 75%, what gives you 15 correct answers to pass the test. There are two mandatory questions related to the electoral system that have to be correct to pass the test. And last but not least the test has regional questions that are exclusive from the area the test is being taken.

Following we will review which are the five key point to ensure you are prepared to face the test and grant the longed passing score. We strongly recommend you to avoid the judge interview since the 20% of the applications that got to that stage in 2009 where rejected. It is safer to be prepared for the test instead.

  • First Must: Do not wait last minute to start reading the booklet. The Discover Canada guide usually gets to the applicant 4 weeks before the test date. It can be downloaded from the CIC web page if necessary. Reading the material will give you a picture of what the test will look like. Try to read it more than two times to get really familiarized with the content. The booklet has a few questions meant to be answered by you while reading, please take your time and answer them, the regional questions are build out of it.
  • Second Must: Build your own notes out of the content. This is very useful. Since the test is a multiple choice you need to expect that most of the content needs to be memorized. Making your own notes will help you retain the information more quickly, the sole action of writing the content in a piece of paper is enough memory exercise.
  • Third Must: Lost of Practice! Multiple choice tests are easily cracked if the candidate has lots of practice using mock tests. In this particular case the practice will be accomplished by performing as many sample questions as you can find. There are a lot of free questions on the web. The guide has examples too. It is always a good idea to start looking at question packages to help you with this task. Whys is this so important? By doing sample questions you ensure to go through the whole content, at the same time you reduce the number of possible new questions that might come in the real test. This is the key to multiple choice exams, don't forget it.
  • Fourth Must: Involve other with your study. Once you have practiced to complete the loop and finally fix that content ion your mind play every day with your friends and family. Ask them questions, make them ask you questions. Review the material 30 minutes a day. This will complete the job. It is easier to associate content with an everyday experience Ex: remember that Bob didn't know why the maple leaf is in the Canadian flag.
  • Fifth Must: The night before the test have a good sleep and a great breakfast! This is vital to face the citizenship test for many reasons. There is no point to stay up late studying for the test, the knowledge you acquire last hour with a coffee cup will not get fixed in your brain, it will only confuse the knowledge you already acquire by studying the guide previously. The breakfast is also a very important aspect of facing the test. Make sure you eat a strong fiber to provide your brain with the necessary amount of glucose it needs to wake up. Have fruit with a cup of fiber cereal and a yogurt, you can have a coffee too but not alone or with white bread. Those two won't provide enough energy for you to be sharp at the test.

What you shouldn't forget: You are facing the citizenship test because you wish to become a Canadian citizen. This is just a small step to your new life so don't suffer. The main focus of the test is to prepare you with the responsibilities and obligations a Canadian citizen has, pay extra attention to your role in the society as a civic citizen. Enjoy the ride and congratulation for becoming a Canadian!