Finding the right site to write for, and the right sites to use to promote your articles after you've written them, can be time consuming – and somewhat tricky for those who are in a country that where it is not possible to receive funds through Paypal. What you want to do when writing online is have a simple and reliable system in place to publish and promote content that helps you to bring in various income streams, while enabling you to place more focus on what it is that you do best - write.

When writing online (through this method), you will be paid through Google Adsense. Google places ads around your content, people click on these ads, a specific company pays for each of these clicks, and you receive a portion of what is paid. You get paid via Google directly, who send cheques all around the world. Simple as that – all you need to do is ensure that your content is interesting, original – and getting enough hits to bring in those clicks! Some sites also support Chitika, which works in the same way and can be used alongside Adsense.

There are of course many ways to submit and promote articles online, but this 5 site method is one of the most effective ways for just about anyone in the world to become a successful freelance writer over the internet.

1. Info Barrel

Info Barrel is a great website with a professional layout that allows you to publish articles on any topic that you choose – the first 10 articles that you submit are screened before they are published to ensure that the site maintains a high standard of writers. Once you sign up, you can use your home page to apply for a Google Adsense account – the process is simple and you are guided through it on the Info Barrel site. There is also an "Info Barrel University" section that will answer any questions that you may have. Once your Adsense account is up and running – Info Barrel will give you a 75% cut of the Adsense revenue generated by your content (and there are monthly competitions to increase this percentage). Chitika is also used on Info Barrel so sign up for one of these accounts too to increase your earnings.

Now that the core site that you will be writing for is in place, you will need to promote your articles further once you publish them – and there are sites that you can use that will pay you to do this!

2. Xomba

Xomba is also an Adsense revenue site – and even though social bookmarking sites are normally used to promote content, Xomba has a great feature called "Xomblurbs" that can be used for this. All that you need to do is provide a link to your article, a short description (50 words or more) of what the article is about, and you're done. Once you sign up, insert your Goodgle Adsense ID into your Xomba account and you will receive 50% of the revenue that is earned from your Xomblurbs.

3. She Told Me

She told me is a social boomarking site – which can be described as a site built specifically for Xomblurbs. You sign up, see something you like, you share it – and of course you will be sharing your own articles. The difference between publishing posts here and in publishing Xomblurbs is that you will be required to give a description of at least 200 characters. Another difference is the earnings – this site gives its users 100% of the Adsense revenue generated by their posts! Chitika is also supported by She Told Me.

4. Add Blog URL

Add Blog URL is a fairly new social bookmarking site that isn't as professional as She Told Me, but also offers a 100% revenue share so it is worth using. It works in exactly the same way as She Told Me – except Chitika is not supported on this site.

5. Digg

The last site to use when promoting your articles is Digg. This site does not enable you to earn any cash from of your posts, but is a popular social bookmarking site that will help draw traffic to your content and ensure that it is more easily found in search engines such as Google. Like the previous sites, all you need to do is publish a link to your content, along with a description (which is generating automatically from the link provided).

And there you have it – once you have signed up for each of these sites and have your Adsense and Chitika IDs in place, you will be using the 5 site method to make money from your content. By using this method, one article can be used to link your Adsense ID to 4 websites, your Chitika ID to 2 websites and you will have 4 websites offering back-links to your original content – all done quickly and easily once each of your articles are complete.