Why Do We Stink?

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     Lets face it as humans we are a smelly bunch. Over the years we have created all kinds of perfumes and cover ups for our stinky parts, but these scents are there for a reason . To possibly attract a potential partner or to ward off others. The ability to attract a lover or turn one away depends on hundreds of volatile organic chemicals (VOC) that emanate from glands all over our bodies.

For the most part our noses can't detect most of the smells, but when we sweat VOCs team up with the bacteria that is in our hair , on our feet, armpits, and skin to produce some pretty wild odours!

The Groin

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    The groin and pubic area is the king of the smellies. It is a warm and sweaty area full of hair follicles and glands, not to mention the anus. Well we all know what that can do! Unfortunately it always covered up and never has much time to breathe and air out itself out, so it traps moisture and bacteria                                                                                                 B.O. Beaters                                                                                                                                     . sleep naked when you can or at least wear very loose clothing to bed                                           . use corn starch or baby powder to keep a                                                                                      . wear natural fibres that wick moisture away

     The Armpit

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     The armpit is a problem area for many of us. Even the name sounds terrible "Armpit" Loaded with hair follicles and apocrine glands that in some people can produce copious amounts of foul-smelling sweat. The underarm deodorant companies make a fortune out of us.

  B.O. Beaters

  . use underarm deodorants that contain alcohol to kill bacteria

  . shave or trim underarm hair

  . avoid using harsh soaps and synthetic deodorants that just mask odour

The Feet

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     Much has been said about smelly feet. Some of us seem to have no problem with foot odour, but others can clear a room when they peel of their shoes. It's no wonder that they can stink, being closed up inside of a leather shoe all day long.

 B.O. Beaters

 .go barefoot when you can                                                                                                                 . wear cotton socks or a breathable material that will wick moisture away from skin.                 . .use charcoal foot pads in shoes     

The Mouth

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   Bad breath is a biggie. Most breath problems can be attributed to bacteria living on tongue and in gum pockets around teeth and dentures. Food choices can have a detrimental effect on our breath as well. We all know what garlic and onions can do!                                               B.O. Beaters

   . rake tongue daily                                                                                                                                . brush and floss at least twice                                                                                                            . use a antibacterial mouthwash

The Scalp 

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      If you have camped and not washed your hair for a few days you know that it becomes greasy and smelly. Oily sebum is secreted from sebaceous glands around hair follicles, and coupled with sweat and dirt can create a bacterial soup that will start to stink. 

     All in all we humans are a pretty smelly bunch. With the proper hygiene and clothing choices we can eliminate some of the odours enough to hopefully attract a mate or keep our present mate a little happier


  . wash hair regularly and thoroughly 

  . dry hair with hair dryer

  . don't tie back wet hair

fat bastardCredit: googlefat and smellyCredit: google

 How would you like to bury your face in one of those armpits?

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