Despite having all the essential qualities, most of them tend to forget that their websites have a purpose beyond visual appeal. 

There are times when web designers, especially those working on freelance projects might be developing websites for businesses which they do not relate to. This leads to a sense of detachment, thus leading to a lack of inspiration. There might even be times when there are no marketing campaigns to support for an insight. It is usually up to the web designer to conceptualize when the client is unsure on how best to format a site for optimal visibility and exposure. Below are some key points to make sure that a website is a balanced mix of attractive and effectiveness: 

1. Ease of Use: An average viewer of any given website is not going to have the technical skills of a trained web designer. An ordinary user should be able to visit, view and use the website without any problem. Make sure that the most important information is mentioned in the center-front of the site. It is best to think like a layman visiting the website while creating and navigating through a website.

 2. Browser Compatibility: Don’t assume that there is only one type of browser to be used. There are many different browsers that are popular among different demographics. Test all possible browsers using their latest versions. Also, they should be compatible to view on mobile platforms. 

3. Speed: Does the site load quickly enough to pass the speed test? Load time is very important to maintain the visitors’ attention span apart from Google’s search results algorithm. 

4. Links: Make sure to check that all links on the site are functioning. Check for internal as well as external links. Incase of a PDF, make sure to provide a link to a PDF reader. 

5. ALT Tags:   They describe images for the search engines. It can be considered as a form of SEO. 

6. Ease of Mobile Use: Many web designers get caught up in making a site look “pretty”. However, in the age of mobile search, this is not always a functional practice. Make sure that the site is compatible with smartphones and tablets. They should be easy to load and have room between buttons for the ease to click on a touch screen or small screen. Since mobile searches result in more sales, make sure that the site has a click to dial feature, allowing users to directly call the business.