The 5 Worst Fast Food Mascots

Bad Fast Food Mascots

The fast food mascot is a staple of my youth.  I remember a vibrant Ronald McDonald plastered on the sides of my happy meal box, a talking dog emphasizing how much he loves Taco Bell, and a little red haired Wendy's face placed on billboards.  Fast food mascots have their place in American culture; characters designed to stand next to the fast food chain and somehow make the establishment more recognizable.  There are several fast food mascots that have withstood the test of time and have become the face of multi-million dollar corporations.  Then there are the 5 worst fast food mascots.  Some of these may be somewhat successful in their own right, but when you really think about them, they definitely deserve to be on the list of the 5 worst fast food mascots.

5. Kids Club (Burger King) 

Burger King Kids Club


This group of multi-cultural young friends touches on every aspect of life.  You have the girly girl, the sports fanatic, the Latino, the nerd, the homosexual African American, the hi-tek robot kid, the child bound to a wheel chair, and the crazy space dog.  While the idea of these kids club mascots may not leave a single soul out of the youth that buy happy meals, it comes off as a little too forced.  They were never really given a personality at all (I vaguely remember some sort of comic book in which they were all basically the same character).  Though the food in the kids meals was better than most, Burger King's horrible fast food mascots did nothing as far as appeal goes.  I place all of these different mascots into one giant lump, and think that they are definately deserving of being #5 on the list of the 5 worst fast food mascots (I still support Burger King's chicken sandwhich, though!).

4. Nacho & Dog (Taco Bell)

Nacho & Dog


The only information I could find on these horrible fast food mascots, is that there names are Nacho & Dog.  I searched for a better image, but this image of a cat (who I assume is Nacho) wrapped in a burrito is all that I could find on the subject.  I remember them though, the dog character (assuming his name is "Dog") being blue.  This mascot campaign was obviously nowhere near as successful as the Taco Bell dog.  In another article that I wrote, I pinpoint my disgust for Taco Bell, and these mascots (that are oddly absent from the internet) reaffirm my dislike for the fast-food chain, and definitely deserve #4 on the list for the 5 worst fast food mascots.

3. Lips (Dairy Queen)

Dairy Queen Lips


This dreadful attempt at humor by some advertisor at Dairy Queen really makes me upset.  A set of lips that directly mirror the lips from the opening sequence of the Rocky Horror Picture Show displays no personality and is defintely deserving as being on the 5 worst fast food mascots list.  This bad fast food mascot is trying to force personality on us through gestures with only a smile.  It simply does not work, yet the commercials are still being created.  Dairy Queen needs to rething their marketing strategy and understand that these lips are not appealing, and slightly creepy...and not the good kind of creepy that the "Burger King" implements, but an awkward creepy.  It isn't funny and they just need to throw this idea into the garbage.  The Dairy Queen lips are defintely #3 on the 5 worst fast food mascots list.

2. Little Caesar (Little Caesars)

Little Caesar


As successful as this little guy has been, he needs some form of makeover.  It really disturbs me that his chest hair is spilling out of his shirt.  I understand that he's the Caesar and a manly man, however I'm uncomfortable with the idea of his loose chest hair spilling into my Hot and Ready pizza.  It's somewhat disturbing to think about.  Also, the only thing that he's able to say is "Pizza, Pizza", as if he's not entirely sane.  I understand his love for pizza, but when you think about him...he really makes no sense at all.  What is Caesar doing making pizzas? Where is the logic behind him?  Because of his body hair, insanity, and out-of-place character, Little Caesar gets #2 on the list of the 5 worst fast food mascots.

1. Grimace (McDonald's)



I know, Grimace is everyones favorite, fun-loving, purple thing.  It feels wrong picking on him and calling him the #1 worst fast food mascot, however, he really is.  To understand how horrible of a mascot grimace is, you first have to look at his dark origins.  He has not always been the friendly, goofy giant that he is, he was once a villain.  In an early commercial for McDonald's, Grimace was a bug-like monster with four arms and had stolen drinks from Ronald McDonald and his friends.  The character Grimace was soon transformed into a good guy, and his dark ways were forever lost in the fold.  This should not be forgotten.  Grimace is already a made up purple creature, but at one point in time he was evil.  The evil roots of Grimace automatically makes him #1 on the 5 worst fast food mascots of all time.  


Evil Grimace

Though all of these fast food mascots are terrible, horrendous, or annoying, there are still some good ones out there.  Sometimes people do not think through with their advertising campaigns, and stitch together terrible thought processes to create the faces for their fast food companies.  It was hard picking the 5 worst fast food mascots, because there have been so many terrible fast food mascots.  Maybe people will one day start being more creative in making fast food mascots.