Narrowing down the best five car films is a big ask. There have been so many great and iconic movies over the years featuring great cars that it can be hard to choose just five. Tough job that it is, we’ve whittled it down! Below you’ll find our list of the five car films that top all others. Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer, but if you think there are any glaring omissions – then let us know at the foot of the page.

5. Christine

This might be a bit of a surprise suggestion to some, but this interpretation of Stephen King’s gruesome and macabre novel of the same name is really rather good. Directed by the excellent John Carpenter, this film really does manage to convey the energy of the car itself, which is not an easy thing to do through film! The psychological fear that builds up throughout the book is perfectly recreated in this film, and on top of this, Christine really is a wonderful example of the fantastic looking Plymouth fury!

4.  Cars

This fabulous offering from Disney Pixar just couldn’t be missed off the list. OK, so it’s a film that has ostensibly been made for children, but most will find that there is enough depth, a good enough script and enough structure to keep even the most demanding film buffs interested. At turns funny poignant, and straight up exciting, this John Lasseter lead venture delivers laugh after laugh with enough action for a four year old who’s misplaced their Ritalin. With the excellent voice work of Owen Wilson and the legendary Paul Newman, it’s very hard not to love this film.

3.  The Love Bug

The Love Bug was the first in a long line of films about a Volkswagen Beetle called Herbie with a mind of its own. Disney produced five Herbie films between 1968 and 1980, with the plot of each stranger than the last! There’s nothing too gripping about the scripts or the direction of these movies, but Herbie is a hugely iconic little car, and will always be loved by those that grew up with the quintet of films.

2. American Graffiti

It’s hard to overlook the iconic American Graffiti when listing the best car movies. George Lucas may be known for his Star Wars films, but his effort at capturing the American teen zeitgeist of the sixties is spot on. Following a group of teenagers through one eventful night on the Strip in California, we are treated to some of the coolest street cruizin’ you will ever see! Highlights include a young Harrison Ford in the ’55 Chevy that was used in the film Two-Lane Blacktop, and an outrageous looking ’32 Ford coupe that is cooler than cool!

1. Bullitt

Bullitt is a great film no matter how you judge it, but in terms of car films, it has to be number one. With the most famous, iconic car chase in cinematic history, we just cannot look past this film. Nine minutes of this film consist of Steve McQueen chasing down a pair of assasins in their black ’68 Dodge Charger in his classic ’68 Mustang Fastback. The film is a who’s who of great cars from the 60’s, and is a must see film for all car lovers. 


Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen in Bullitt