With health and fitness being on the minds of so many people, what better way to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle then free Android applications for your cell phone or tablet computer? There are MANY free apps available on the Android market, but only a handful of them are actually worth your time. I have used quite a few of them since buying a smart phone for myself, and have been able to weed through the poor performers to find the 6 best free Android applications for health and fitness. If you are looking to improve your health and incorporate new technology as an aid, then I highly recommend reading on in this article!

The 6 Best Free Android Applications for Health and Fitness:

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker

This is an Android application that managed to find a spot in a recent article I wrote titled 13 Android Tablet Apps that make Purchasing a Tablet Computer Worthwhile. As a result, Endomondo is fresh in my mind, and with good reason! This is an excellent free app that provides real time tracking of your sports activity; and allows you to quite literally "compete" with your friends (also in real time). The example given in that previous article considers someone who is out running, and this application will track your distance and time (among other things). You can then compare yourself to the distance and time ran of your friends via social networking websites. It is an excellent way to make exercise into a sort of "game," and hopefully this free app will promote better health by allowing you to make exercise into much more of a "game" then a tedious and monotonous experience. That point is really the key to why I wish to highlight free apps for health and exercise: because exercise on it's own is rather mundane, and if mobile applications can make it fun; then why not get them? Endomondo is of course free as well, so it doesn't even cost you a dime!


As many of us know, the gym can often be a very difficult place to stay motivated. For a little why, I had a gym membership, but ended up quitting because of a low self esteem, a lack of time, and a lack of motivation. While I still work out at my home, I have found that the free application JEFIT has aided me in very many ways with keeping a rigorous workout schedule. To quote the website Make Use Of on their article titled "Best Android Apps", this application is a "massively popular weight training and bodybuilding app, with a workout planner, workout logs and a companion website." This application is not so much about fun and making exercising amusing, but it is a very practical companion for actually keeping track of your training and organizing your day. Many similar applications exist that cost money, but I would say JEFIT performs just as well; if not better, then most of these. Add the fact that this is free, and this is a must download app for health and fitness for sure.

3. FatSecret's Calorie Counter

A major part of the phrase "health and fitness" is the word "health." While many applications in this field will certainly be directed towards exercise, it is important to keep in mind what you are eating and how this influences your weight and overall health. If a person exercises all day, but eats very poorly; then they will likely still be feeling terrible and unhealthy overall. At most, the exercise would just counter act the foods they eat; but actually do nothing "good" for their body. Having a Calorie Counter (like the one by FatSecret) is important, especially when you are attempting to lose some weight through dieting. What I like a lot about this calorie counter is that it provides you a goal to reach in terms of your daily caloric intake. Moreover, it also has a barcode scanner that allows you to see the nutrition facts on your smart phone or tablet computer screens almost instantly. Keeping track of your calories has never been so easy! This free app really promotes health in a way many do not.

4. Nike BOOM

This is a very popular application, in part because of it's affiliation with the popular brand name Nike; but more importantly because it is actually a very cool and rather unique free app for Android devices. It allows you to choose your workout type (intervals, time, training intensity, and so forth), syncs your music so you can listen to it dynamically, and on top of all of this it has some popular sports coaches cheering and pushing you to perform better. This app is essentially a motivational speaker for athletes. For the price of FREE it is definitely worth checking out.

5. WebMD

A major aspect of being healthy is being aware of your surroundings and your body. You never want to push yourself to a point that it makes you sick when exercising. However, on occasion, something bad may happen (perhaps you pull a muscle lifting weights). WebMD is a great resource to have because you can look up your symptoms and examine what you may be experiencing. Of course, do not take WebMD as the end all-be all when it comes to diagnosing a potential medical problem; but as a first opinion it is great and often very accurate. In fact, I read a recent scientific study documenting how online medical advice is frequently very accurate to a degree; so there is certainly no harm in checking a free application like WebMD (or their website alternatively) for information and help. I also enjoy this app/website because it is interesting to learn about a large variety of illnesses and so forth. Very cool!

6. Noom Weight Loss

For those of you who want a sort of "all in one" free Android application package, Noom Weight Loss is just the thing. It incorporates exercise tracking, food logging and motivation all into one nice full-featured application. It allows you to essentially set up your health and fitness schedule, and more importantly allows you to track these activities. Think of Noom Weight Loss as your own personal journal related to health and exercise.

I hope these 6 free Android applications help you with achieving your health and fitness needs. I know losing weight and being healthy can be a difficult thing, and I also know that having free applications like these can make it a lot easier and sometimes even a little bit fun to get in shape, become healthy, and ultimately enjoy your life better in your new, fit body. Feel free to suggest some additionally apps as well, whether they are free or paid. Everyone loves apps!