Best Free Android App Downloads (2011)

Who doesn't like free Android app downloads for their Android compatible phones and tablet computers? Honestly, if you have an Android compatible cell phone or tablet computer; you are likely very interested in the variety of applications available that can make your life easier in some respects, and also add a little bit more entertainment and fun as well. It is my goal in this article to provide you with the best free Android app downloads currently available on the market in 2011. I have hand selected 7 specific Android applications that I have found to be very useful, and that rank high in their ratings by other people as well. If you have any suggestions for a future list detailing apps or other bits of free Android software, be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

1. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

This is definitely one of my favorite free Android app downloads available on the market, and quite likely it might end up being my favorite one even by the end of 2012. It is a very easy to use and practical application that I have personally used while out at the grocery store (among other places). It requires that your phone or tablet computer has a built in camera (I use an Apple iPhone), and all you are required to do is open the application and scan in barcodes that you see in the store. It provides you with information such as stores with competing (and sometimes significantly lower!) prices. As would be expected from this article, you can pick this application up for free; and ultimately if you use it enough it could end up saving you a ton of money. This is a practical application that is also easy to use. One of the best pieces of free Android software available!

2. SoundHound

Have you ever been driving down the road and listening to the radio, when suddenly a song comes on that you fall in love with; but you don't know the artist or the song title? SoundHound provides a very interest free Android application that caters to the needs of people like myself (and maybe you?) who are on the go and looking for new music. I am not quite sure how this application works (it's algorithm must be very well written to say the least), but I have tried it in the past and it actually works. It is almost like a miracle app because the first time I actually used it was when I was in a car with about 5 friends, and we all fell in love with a neo-classical Christmas track (by the Trans Siberian Orchestra as we found out). This is another free application that caters to a variety of people, and while you may not need to use it all of the time; that one time you hear a song you want information on: this application will certainly come in handy.

3. Skype

I've mentioned this one in a previous article, and I have no problem doing it again because it provides functionality and the ability to communicate with friends and family without requiring much in the way of cost. The application download is free, and it runs easily on most Android powered phones and tablet computers. It includes SMS text messaging, phone calls, and video chat all for free as long as you are communicating with other people who are on the Skype service as well. For a nominal fee you can also make calls and send text messages to people who are on another "network." Still, for the low price of FREE the ability to communicate is at your fingertips. This service does require a wi-fi connection, but for most people that will be a non-issue. To give a little personal experience with this, I have enjoyed the video chat sessions I was able to have with my girlfriend when she went across the country for a month. Even better, my brother who is in the military and currently overseas for the next year or so is able to keep in contact with our family via video chat as well; so it is almost like he never left.

4. TuneIn Radio

This is a free Android application that has been growing in popularity, and for good reason. It allows you to listen to radio stations all over the world, which is great for many music enthusiasts among us (like myself). Why? Because you are able to find out about new musicians and songs that you may have never heard of. I myself listen to a variety of underground French musicians, like Alcest, and without the motivation to seek out new musicians online; radio on your Android compatible device might just be the next best thing. Of course, TuneIn Radio is free; so it is almost like owning a variety of CD's and songs without having to pay at all! A very cool deal if you ask me.

5. Libra - Weight Manager

One of the coolest aspects of having an Android phone or tablet with you most of the time is the ability to use it in keeping track and achieving your health and fitness goals. I am not a huge fan of structured exercise (I preference skateboarding as I get a work out but don't feel like I'm exercising as I have fun in the process), but I have found that having things keep track of my statistics at least makes working out much more interesting and dare I say fun. This is a simple Android app download that allows you to simply log your weight. Use this with a variety of other health and fitness tools, and you will likely be set in making progress and keeping track of this progress to a healthier you!

6. Android Sodoku

What would an article about the best free Android app downloads be like without featuring at least one game that you can kick back, relax, and have fun with? For the geeks among us, Android Sodoku is a great way to get your Sodoku fix without having to pay a dime. Since learning about this game, I have thorougly been addicted to it. It is a puzzle game that involves some mathematical principles, but it is ultimately easy to play assuming you play on the easier difficulty settings. It is challenging, fun, and in some ways educational and teaches you how to think more logically. This is definitely a great free application for the whole family.

7. WeatherBug

This is a great application for checking out the weather (locally and throughout the world). It provides a variety of different functions and map types, which makes figuring out the weather very easy to do while on the go. Ultimately, this is not a complicated app by any means, but it is very useful for figuring out the weather if you are not tuned into the Weather Channel or having the opportunity to check it on the internet.


How can anyone complain when they are provided with a list of the best free Android app downloads currently available by the end of 2011? Hopefully these applications prove useful to you, and if you do not have a Android compatible tablet or smart phone I would highly suggest checking out some other articles of mine on them including Bebook Live Android 2.2 Tablet Review and Why Should I Buy a Kindle Fire?