The 80 20 Rule governs everything we do in life.

The Pareto Principle, commonly known as the 80 20 Rule, states that 20% of your effort results in 80% of your achievement. Conversely is also true, that 80% of the effort produces just 20% of the result.

If you are working in an office environment, you have to agree that you spend 80% of the time achieving just 20% of the result.

You spend a lot of time checking emails, and reading mails that are not worth your time. You spend time fire-fighting instead of producing income for your company. You spend time gossiping. You spend time nursing hurt feelings.

You spend time making excuses for not working. That is why 80% of the time is wasted on just 20% of the result.

When you are in the mood to work, you can achieve miracles in just 2 hours.

This Pareto Principle is true in many other instances.

It is definitely true in the business world.

20% of the customers bring in 80% of the sale. 20% of the customers give 80% of the problems.

20% of the employees achieve 80% of the result for the company. 20% of the salesmen achieve 80% of the overall sales target.

That is why top sales people are in high demand. They act as if they are the only ones that matter. They act as if the whole company has to bow down to them.

This 80 20 Rule is applicable in a country as well.

The land in the cities is very expensive because of the value for the country. A piece of land in the right location in the city can bring in revenue for the government, and the businesses.

That is how the 80 20 Rule applies in the country.

The cities take up less than 20% of the land in the country. However, the revenue generated from the usage of the land in the cities produce 80% of the total revenue for the government.

How do you apply the 80 20 Rule in your life?

You know that time is money. You know that an hour of TV watching means an hour of time wasted. What is the hourly rate of your time? Can you make use of the time wisely?

You know that you can do a lot of things if you put your heart into it. You can manage your time wisely so that every hour is productive. You can cut wastage to the minimum.

If you use just 80% of the time to produce 20% of the result, why not cut wastage? You can keep a record of what you do everyday, and examine the activities. If these activities are simply wasting money and time, why continue to do these?

Some of these activities are: watching TV, quarreling with your colleagues, gossiping, doing nothing, and traffic jam.

You do not need to prove the truthfulness of the 80 20 Rule. Many people and many countries have proven it.

You should turn knowledge into power. You should eliminate those tasks that do not benefit you, so that you can achieve more in less time.