Now that The Office is over, it presents fans with a unique opportunity to reminisce until their heart clenches up and it prompts them to rewatch the whole series on a television streaming service. The Office has been a rollercoaster ride of different emotions, all of those emotions they seemed to relieve all packed into the series final 9th season. This list of the best moments from the office range from cringe-worthy, to hilarious, to even tear-jerking sweet moments of love.

the office diversity day

Michael's Diversity Seminar

Episode: "Diversity Day"

This is possibly the episode that really hooked a lot of Office fans. Michael has gotten complaints about some racially insensitive comments from his employees, this causes corporate to send someone to lecture about diversity. However, when Michael finds out that these complaints were about him, he decides to host his own seminar. His seminar is as unpolitically correct as you could possibly imagine. He has everyone pick a card with a race or religion on it and stick it on their forehead, they then must interact with each other using a series of stereotypes to try to guess their own card. Perhaps one of the most amusing moments is when Stanley, the only African American worker in the office, finds he has the card that say "black" on it.

the office fire drill

Dwight's Fire Drill

Episode: "Stress Relief: Part One"

Dwight has charged himself with being the fire safety officer of the office, however he feels his coworkers have shirked off his previous lessons. So this time, he decides to take a more extreme measure. After sealing the exits, heating up the door handles with a blow torch and staring a fire in a trash can, the office goes into a panic. They attempt to flee by smashing windows or crawling up into the ceiling. Angela reveals a cat she has been hiding in the office and tries to throw it up into the ceiling to escape, only to have it fall through. Dwight reveals that it was all a ploy, however Stanley has collapses with a heart attack. Sure heart attacks, panic, and fire should not be funny, but this time…they found a way.

dwight's disguises

Dwight and Jim's Snowball Fight - Dwight's Disguises

Episode: "Classy Christmas"

After Jim pegs Dwight with a snowball, Dwight challenges him to a snowball fight, which he accepts. However, after the first assault by Dwight leaves him with a bloody nose, Jim begins to regret his decisions. Eventually, Dwight disguises himself as Pam and pegs Jim at his desk. This leads to Dwight revealing that he has wigs and disguises of all his other co-workers. Seeing Rainn Wilson in various wigs with that trademark scowl on his face was just presented one of those unexpected laugh out loud moments.

pam drunk at the dundies

Pam Gets Drunk at the Dundies

Episode: "The Dundies"

Ah, alcohol, you are responsible for the best of times and the worst of times. After Pam gets into an argument with her fiancé Roy for leaving the Dundies early, she returns and begins binge drink. As Chili's has a two drink minimum she starts stealing drinks from other people to get utterly smashed.  This leads to the most amusing and giggly version of Pam viewers have seem in the show thus far. It also leads to the first bit of Jim and Pam romantic gratification fans get. After receiving her reward for the whitest shoes, She ends up kissing Jim right on the lips. Oh, and of course later falls flat on the floor. Something all people can relate to if they have ever gotten drunk in public.

michael kisses oscar

Michael Kisses Oscar

Episode: "Gay Witch Hunt"

Michael accidentally outs Oscar as gay and struggles to understand and accept it. When he unwittingly insults Oscar, Oscar explodes at him. However, Oscar feels bad and concedes to hug Michael. Though Oscar soon regrets it as Michael presents an even more awkward situation when he tries to kiss Oscar in front of the entire office. Fun fact, this whole scene was impromptu by Steve Carrel, but Oscar plays along. All the reactions you see from the other actors are genuine because they had no idea what was going on.  Though there were not many reaction shots, because they actors had to restrain themselves from bursting out in laughter. It is the small factoids like that that make the scene even more hilarious, although it is just so awkward that you want to look away.

jim dresses as dwight

Jim Dresses as Dwight

Episode: "Product Recall"

"Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galatica." Three phrases every fan will forever remember. I remember reading somewhere that this cosplay of each other's characters was voted an overwhelming fan favorite scene throughout the whole nine seasons of the series. Which is astounding considering it was just a couple of minutes of air time. As the story goes, Jim found a pair of Dwight's glasses at the store, then assembled the rest of the outfit including his trademark mustard shirt for $11 dollar. He then begins to mimic Dwight's attitude including cutting Dwight off mid-sentence to correct him. Later Dwight comes in dressed as Jim, but does a significantly lackluster job imitating him.

jim and pams wedding

Jim and Pam's Wedding

Episode: "Niagara"

The whole episode was a barrel of laughs, fun, and emotion. It gave close to the fairy tale budding romance of Jim and Pam that hardcore fans had been following for five seasons. Everything from their sweet private wedding, to their laughable public wedding with dancing based on a youtube video, to Dwight sleeping with Pam's best friend. It was perhaps my personal favorite episode of The Office because it had such a palatable mix of sweet and hilarious moments.

meredith ain't no narc

Meredith Palmer ain't never been called no narc!

Episode: "Couples Discount"

There were a lot of great moments in season nine, but this one is by far one of the funniest. It is also perhaps Meredith's best line in the whole show, which is sad considering it took nine seasons for her to come out of her shell, but maybe it was just the confidence that comes with a blonde wig. The Office is trying to decide whether to rat out Andy for being gone for three months after he loses the biggest client in the office. They suggest Meredith tell David Wallace, in which she goes on this long diatribe on different things she has been called. After slowly getting more horrible, it prompts Pete to stop her and ask why no one ever stops her. Her mix of slang and the things she has been called that would have any other person blushing with embarrassment is just one of the perfectly hilarious moments in season nine and the series as a whole.