Globalization and advancements in technology have changed the way you can market your real estate opportunities. This article illustrates the 8 strategies you should consider this year to embrace new opportunities.


Various Social Media Strategies


Social Media has changed the way we think, and for real estate investors, it has also changed the way they search for properties. They no longer just rely on newspapers advertisements or listings, but increasingly looking for information using social media.


How social media can help you in terms of marketing? Apart from just simply listing your properties on your social media page or profile page, you can also consider the following:


First: Actively engage with other networkers and collaborate them by cross-listing and referencing properties available.


Second: Use social media networks to find other channels especially international or inter-state agents or marketing partners that can assist you with promotions.


Third: Become a subject matter expert either for the areas you are promoting or the asset type. This is by far, one of the most effective marketing strategies to differentiate you from others.


Active property marketers will write multiple articles or use videos to showcase their expertise, this strategy is especially useful if you wish to reach out to international or non-local investors, as they need more information to analyze your properties.


Create a good Newsletter


I am surprised that many real estate agents even developers are not producing regular newsletters. Most of the newsletters are simply flyers or digital advertisements about the new development or listings.


If you can provide substantial information in your newsletters, you can increase the readership and create a database of loyal investors. Once again, as you are likely to deal with investors from different regions these days, it is a good opportunity to provide analysis of the location and investments, which can help potential investors to understand and make informed decisions.


Multilingual Website


European real estate companies have adopted this strategy long time ago. It is yet to become a major marketing strategy by most of North American real estate marketing firms.


This is one of the best ways to find new investors for your projects; popular language choices now include Spanish, Chinese and Russian language. You can find a translator and create contents in different languages for your opportunities.


Automatic translations such as Google or Yahoo while they are free, Internet translations are usually inaccurate and can actually damage your reputation. It is best to spend a little bit of investments to translate your documents properly rather than saving a few bucks by using free translation software.


Multilingual Newsletters


While we are on multilingual websites, make sure you also create some multilingual newsletters. Your multilingual newsletters should be target focused. For instance, Chinese investors are very active in California, Texas, Washington or New York.


Another example is Canadian French speaking investors are very active in Florida or South Carolina properties. Create newsletters in different languages discussing about opportunities in these selective markets, and you can increase your chance in reaching the target markets.


Create Several Regional Blogs


Blogging is a very useful way to create Internet traffic. You can create several blogs and post related articles on them. You don’t have to write all the articles yourselves, but posting useful reference and resources about a particular area. This will create followers if they are looking for the particular area.


It is best to be very specific about the region, such as a particular suburb, not just something generic like “California Real Estate”. As you know, real estate investors search the city as their keyword, if you create a suburb / neighborhood specific blog, you can attract the target traffic very effectively.


Listing on Different Search Engines


Google is the dominant search engine in some markets but for other markets, Google is not highly used. You can submit your website to various search engines in your target markets. China is the most fragmented search engine market with multiple search engines, while many markets in Asia use Yahoo as their primary search engine.


Submitting a website on various search engine is a useful way to make sure people can find your website using their preferred search engines. It is one of the basic strategies to use for web marketing.


Real Estate Whitepaper


Whitepaper is a good marketing idea. Whitepaper is already a very popular method adopted by IT companies to find new leads, but rarely adopted by the real estate companies apart from a few international real estate companies.


Produce a small eBook or a whitepaper and upload them on your website and distribute them through your social media networks – make sure you include an area where prospective investors can register their information with you.


I also know some real estate companies developing their own e-magazine, which does not have to be extensive, but informative  - it is also an excellent way to reach new investors, even creating new advertising revenue once you have sufficient readership.


Selective Banner Advertisements


The effectiveness of banner advertisements such as Google Adword or Facebook Ads will depend on how you utilize them. Some real estate marketing companies have found Facebook or LinkedIn Ads more effective as you can really narrow down your target markets and not overspending your budget.


As mentioned earlier, more effective strategies will be to link your whitepapers or newsletters on these banner ads, and invite people to download information they are looking for. They may not be investing in your project right away, but you can create a database of prospective investors using these resources.


Be creative about your real estate marketing strategies, the marketing cost these days are actually significantly lower compared to the past as you do not need to spend a lot of costs on printing or mailings anymore, you can use Internet and maximize your opportunities.


There are many other ways real estate professionals market their opportunities. For instance, some have used eBay to list various opportunities to attract international buyers, or set up property discussion forums or groups; as well as uploading multiple YouTube videos. All of these tools are available, and it is up to you if you want to utilize them.


I hope you find this article useful to create new marketing strategies to promote your projects to investors worldwide.