What the hell is wrong with you people?

Well, folks, here we've got a gorgeous specimen of McDonalds sandwich. It's 9 patties of deep-fried, breaded, filet of disgust.

I thought the Bacon-Cheese-Pizza-Burger was terribly disgusting, but this, to me seems even worse, considering it is a single serving burger. I'm going to throw up right now.

If you were the employee making this, I salute your dedication. Wrapping that sucker must have been no easy task. In fact, you could probably add that to your resume.

Nice work.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the 9 Decker Filet-o-Fish Sanwich:

Filet of Fish

Weight loss suppliments to follow!

Measly 3 Patties

Only 3? You are a failure!

Ok here we go:
Eat Dat Burg

You could try to catch your own fish for this burger, too.