Are you looking for a list of baby names for your child?  Perhaps you are looking for a certain letter that it starts with. Whichever you decide, you can choose a nice name for your baby in 2013.  Here is a list of the most unique ones for 2013.


Abbas- stern


Bentley- meadow with bent grass.  This has actually been very popular.


Cael- This English name means slim.  It can be spelled other ways including Cail, Cale, Kael, Kale, etc.


Daewon- gracious God; an American name


Eamon- is Gaelic and means rich guardian.


Farin- This english name means adventurous.  It can be used both for girls and a boys.


Gabriel- God’s bravest man- Many people use the nickname Gabe and have also used Gabriella and Gabby for girls.


Hadwin- strong friend or friend in war; this is an old English originating name.


Ian- God is merciful; which is Hebrew


Jameson- following after; it is a name that is American and you can use James as a nicknmae.


Kalle- free man


Lachlan- land filled with lakes; Gaelic name.  Nicknames for this name could be Lachie or Lachy.


Macaulay- son of the willow; this name has become popular since Macaulay Culkin’s movie, Home Alone.


Nadir- This is a very rare and uncommon name.  It has two meanings Arabic which means dearly loved and Muslim which means rare and precious.


Oakley- from an oak tree forest; people with a love for nature may choose this name for their boy.


Parker- protector of the park; which is a French name


Qadir- full of power


Radley- red forest or meadow


Salem- safe or protected


Tatum- from the farmstead of Tata


Umberto- bright fighter


Valentino- hale and healthy


Warden- guardian or watchman


Xavier- new home


Yaegar- hunter


Zacharias- God remembers; this name originates from Hebrew and comes from the name Zachary.


Names all have a meaning and can go with someone’s personality.  You can find the meaning and history of a specific names.  Often times parents want to name their child from a certain origin of their historic background.  Sometimes when a name is written a certain way it will have a different origin.  For example; the name spelled as Jaelyn is part English and Koren.  The Jae is what makes this name Korean.  The name spelled as Jaylin is part Indian and English because of the way it is spelled.  If the name you like isn’t originally from the origin you would like, you can spell it differently to make it that way. 

These are some unique baby names for 2013 for boys.  Naming your baby one of these baby names will be very rare and an uncommon name.  This way your child will always have a unique name that the other 10 boys in his class won’t have.  Naming your child something unique has become very popular over the years.  Now, even the most common names that were common 40 years ago are coming back in trend such as Harry, William, etc.

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