Learn to Drive with the AA

Keeping a handle on driving lessons costs must be counter-weighed with the importance of securing quality instruction. Beginning your journey toward a lifetime of driving is best accomplished by partnering up with an agency with a long history of providing quality assistance to motorists. One such company that offers high quality instruction at a reasonable price is Automobile Association Limited. *

Get to Know the AA

Automobile Association, or AA, has been around for over one hundred years, providing drivers with mechanical assistance, towing, cover, trip counseling and many other services invaluable to drivers. When AA began, back in the early 1900s, its entire focus was to alert people to changes in driving law, and help motorists respond to and abide by the new Motor Car Act of 1903. As time passed, AA took it upon itself to erect caution signs along the highways and byways of the UK, so as to guard unsuspecting drivers from careening off sharp curves or plowing into potholes; a task AA continued until local authorities finally took over the responsibility in the 1930s. AA is a company with a long-standing dedication to working in motorists’ best interests, and possessing a keen devotion to helping new drivers become skilled drivers.

Learning to Drive With the AA

Generally speaking, students require fewer than 50 lessons in order to be sufficiently prepared for their driving tests. Prices for instruction vary depending on where you live, but run approximately £24 per lesson. That figure doesn't take into account the charges for theory testing and practical testing, which together can cost an additional £92 to £105.

Every teacher with AA is a certified and fully qualified instructor, as evidenced by the green “L” card in the instructor’s vehicle.

Each student driver has the ability to lower costs for driver education. Being taught by a high-quality instructor can theoretically result in lower costs overall, if a student pays attention to the wisdom of the skilled teacher. Following direction properly the first time cuts down on unnecessary repetitive classes reviewing the same information over and over. Also, practicing at home with a responsible party of the proper age can add hours of experience to your education; bringing that experience into the sessions with your qualified instructor can make each lesson go more quickly and more smoothly (and, ultimately, more cost-effectively!).  

Book and pay for lessons up-front, and you’ll get to take advantage of even better pricing, saving £2 per hour. You don’t have to worry about paying too much, because money spent on any hours that are not used for lessons is completely refundable.  

The AA Bonus

Sign up for driver education through Automobile Association Limited, and you’ll be granted an AA standby membership beginning your very first day. The membership itself extends a full 365 days from the initial setup, lasting long after you’ve completed your lessons. This means that, if you should experience an unfortunate circumstance while on the road in your first year of driving, you’ll have a sort of guardian angel waiting in the wings for you, in the form of AA assistance. Roadside help and towing can come to your aid no matter where you are in the UK, for a flat fee of £80 per incident.

In case receiving a charge for a dead battery and getting other roadside help doesn’t sound exciting enough, there’s also the fun rewards perks of having an AA membership. AA rewards let you enjoy thrilling rides at up to 40% off at Thorpe Park, or try an exciting new activity (skydiving or zorbing, ** anyone?) at a savings of 20% through Virgin Experience Days, or even something far more mundane, yet helpful, like save money on a meal at Burger King.
At the close of your first year of membership, you'll be offered the opportunity to upgrade your membership level. Silver and gold memberships offer greater extensions of service and more benefits overall.

Take Advantage of Years of Experience

When you’re getting your first introduction to driving, that’s not the time to partner up with some cheapo, fly-by-night agency. Direct your driving lessons costs toward a company that has stood by motorists for over a century. Ask AA about its charge schedule for driver education for your location to get an idea of what you can expect to spend on your lessons. And, remember: perfect practice makes perfect!

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