Coleman camp chair

When you are preparing for your next camp outing, consumers need to find quality products that are fully functional while braving the outdoors. Although it is not expected for campers to experience the same luxury and comfort that one would get in a five-star resort, there is camping furniture and accessories that will provide a comfortable camping experience. For those looking for a camping chair, ALPS is a leading name in the industry offering camping lounge chairs which can be used to kick back, relax, and enjoy mother nature.

The ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair is one of many camp chairs available on the market today. While there are several competitors, the ALPS model is durable, sturdy, weatherproof and most of all comfortable. The chair is constructed of reinforced mesh that breathes during summer heat and can withstand the rain associated with fall and winter months. With a heavy-duty aluminum frame, even larger campers weighing up to 350 pounds can trust that this mountaineering chair will be able to support to the fullest.

With a curved design, extra wide seat, tall back, and padded armrests, campers can sit back and relax without feeling metal prodding in their back. Weighing only eight pounds and measuring 24-inches by 36-inches, this camp chair is easily portable and can be stored away during periods of no use. The collapsible pop open design takes only seconds to fold, and allows campers to take the chair almost anywhere in any sized vehicle.

These outdoor camping chairs can be used in several applications from camping, hunting, fishing and even at the beach or outdoor concerts and events. For fishers and hunters, the chair sports a camouflage fabric that blends with earth tones and foliage to prevent being seen from prey. With several on the market, it is competitively priced at $16.99 online.

Camping and outdoor experiences are great for families and individuals who appreciate the outdoors and its glory. For those who are planning their summer trip to the local camp ground, be sure to prepare for a comfortable stay with the proper camp chair, tent, beds and coolers that are easily portable and able to withstand whatever mother nature may throw at it.

It is certainly enjoyable to have a camp chair along with your gear. After a long day canoeing or whatever activity you choose it is great to have something to rest your back upon. I highly suggest bring even a small camp chair along with you on your next activity.