The single biggest investment you will make with Info Barrel is your time. Luckily, if you have spent hours writing articles, only to fall short of your monetary goals, you have a real opportunity to make more money, with minimal time investment. In fact, this is the single most time effective approach you, the Info Barrel author, can use to make more money.

Many authors write articles before they really know how to maximize the profits on each one. This is perfectly natural. I did this myself, as do many others writing for Info Barrel or other online revenue sharing sites. Many eBooks, including the one I coauthored, only tell you how to start from scratch with new articles to maximize your profits. Why is this? It's really because it's the most simple and safe way to go. We realize that many people don't buy an eBook before writing articles online. Generally speaking, it comes after months of frustration.

If you are like me and have written some underperforming articles, there is still a chance to make more money with them. Was the time I spent writing those articles a waste? Is there a real benefit to fixing articles, rather than starting from scratch? Let's take a quick look at the facts.

Even the most seasoned pro writes an occasional article that just doesn't perform well. I'm no exception, and I would bet you aren't either. These articles often hold a special place in our hearts. For me, my first articles represent my willingness to try to do something to better my financial position for my family and help others.

These articles were not a waste of time. In fact, they may even end up being the best earners, with only a few minutes worth of work. You will save major time by fixing the articles you already have, instead of rewriting them. There's really no downside to this, since it's much quicker and easier and generally provides the same monetary benefits of writing new articles, once you have learned how to maximize your profits.

Believe it or not, there are countless benefits to repairing your existing articles. You should take pride in them and make them better if you can. These articles may very well help to define you as a writer. Here are just a few of the benefits to fixing your existing articles so you can make the most of your passive income experience:

1. Time: If you have 50 underperforming articles that took one hour each to write, you have 50 hours invested. It will take you another 50 hours to rewrite them or longer, since you'll be using new techniques. What if you could cut out much of the rework? It may save up to 80% of the time you invest. Since the bulk of the work is already done and you only need to add a few sentences or words here and there, it makes sense. I often say that my only real investment with Info Barrel is time. I want to maximize my time investment, so I can earn more money per hour spent working on articles.

2. Money: Yes, time is money. Furthermore, if you have 50 articles and can improve your earnings by just 5 cents extra per article, per day, on average you will make an additional $75 per month. Over the course of the year, you would make an extra $900! Even when I use a very low example, like a nickel per day, it adds up fast. It's only an average, since some will take off once you make repairs, and some just won't make too much more money. Still, it's very easy to see how beneficial it can be over the course of an entire year. Now imagine two years, three, five, ten years of accumulation. This may very well be the single most beneficial time investment you ever make.

Let's break down the hourly wage, just for the purposes of an example, using a pretty realistic nickel per day, per article average. After your first adjustment or two, you will be able to make all needed changes in 15 minutes or less. To fix 50 articles, it will take 12.5 hours. If you earn, using the nickel example, $900 extra per year, you will make over $70 per hour. After two years, you made $140 per hour spent working on making minor adjustments to your existing articles. Let's fast forward to five years in the future. Your 12.5 hours could reward you with an extra $4500 in total earnings. That's over $350 per hour! How much do you make per hour at your day job? It clearly makes sense to repair your existing articles.

3. Search engine placement: Articles that are updated every so often tend to gain favor with the search engines. Search engines like Google will also adjust your search ranking for the keywords you are using with your article. This means fixing you existing articles can actually improve your search ranking, so you can drive more natural traffic to your Info Barrel articles. In addition, sites like Google have been long believed to favor articles that have been around for a while. When you make changes, you maintain the original submission date, but get the benefit of making updates, which Google loves. Of course, this earns you even more money.

4. Personal satisfaction: For many, simply seeing their hard work pay off is incredibly rewarding. Why should all that hard work go to waste?

As you can see, there really are several benefits to repairing your existing articles, to maximize your earning potential. Sites like Info Barrel allow you to create passive income streams. Essentially, this means you reap the monetary benefits of your hard work, even when you quit doing the work. The article you repair today could make you money for years to come.

As you read through this guide, I encourage you to really analyze which of your articles are underperforming. You will quickly be able to determine why they are not making as much money as they could and how to fix them. It goes way beyond simple advertisement locations and driving better paying ads to your articles. It's a system. Fortunately, it's an easy system to implement and follow.

It's time to dive into the most time-effective way to make more money with Info Barrel.

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