Adderall is one of the popular medicines to suppress the effect of ADHD. As we all know, ADHD is one of serious health problem that can happen to all people, including our kids. And of course, if you have kids who get this problem, they wouldn’t have normal life like other kids. And Adderall comes as solution. But, you need to be careful before you use this medicine. Like other medicine, Adderall also has several adderall side effects that you need to know. By knowing the side effect, you will aware of the risk of using this medicine to your kids or yourself. Here’re few of them.

First, Adderall can be classified as the amphetamine type medicine. So, this medicine has addiction effect in it. Therefore, it’s important to ask your doctor for prescription and consultation before you use this medicine, especially for your kids. By taking it with right dosage, you can avoid the addiction Adderall side effects. The Adderall also can cause cardiovascular problem. Therefore, if you have heart problem you shouldn’t take this medicine. You also need to check up before you take Adderall. Check your blood pressure and your body condition. There’re also many people who have stomachache after they take Adderall. If you feel this Adderall side effect, its better you consult to your doctor, so, you can get the right dosage that you can take. This side effect also can be worst. If it happens, you will lose your appetite and losing your weight. It’s definitely not good for your kids, as they need lot of food for their growth and development. If you’re currently taking MOAI medicine, its better you don’t take Adderall. It can give you serious mental illness, such as psychosis. And there’re many other adderall side effects that you can get, such as headache, dry mouth, mood change and many more.

Therefore, before you take Adderall, it’s better if you read all the instruction, get advice from your doctor and it would be better, if you also do some research to know more about this medicine. There’re many websites and blog where you can read about adderall side effects and information about Adderall itself. If you can, you also can choose other way to treat ADHD. Your doctor can help you with it. So, to be healthy, you don’t only need to take medicine. Take enough dosage of information also can help you to get healthier life.