Adrenal Glands and Your Mental Health

Hormonal Imbalances

The Adrenal gland is responsible for your Fight or Flee responses. Under great stress your Adrenal gland can cause great mental discomfort. Years of stress can cause adrenal fatigue, Adrenal burnout, and Adrenal tumors.

Millions of people today suffer from this and don't even know it. It causes many problems of hormonal imbalances in your body. Like Adrenaline, Cortisol, Aldosterone and many other hormones in your body. They are located at the top of each kidney. When under stress you may feel some pain, and pressure in this area, even around your lower back.

Adrenal Burnout is caused by not having enough rest, or sleep. Thousands of people are suffering and do not even know it.  With Adrenal burnout, the best treatment for this is going through a program to restore your health and balance your nutritional habits.   When it is under stress symptoms of Adrenal exhaustion and insufficiency are high blood pressure, high or low blood sugar, fatigue, poor circulation, allergies, decreased tolerance to cold, depression or apathy, low stamina, low self-esteem, or low energy, joint aches and pains, constipation, muscle weakness, and need for excessive amounts of sleep. It also can cause fears, due to low energy and copper toxins. It may even cause you to have a low resistance to infection, and can affect your body temperature. These are all real health problems and can be life threatening.

Most people today are going to Psychiatrists for anti-anxiety medications, and anti-depressants. This is the wrong thing to do when all you need is to have your hormones tested. You can also do tests at home. For an example run the edges of a fork gently down your forearm. It should turn red quickly. If it does not turn red within ten seconds then this is an indication that your Adrenals are weak. Another test is to look in the mirror at your pupils. Shine a bright light on one eye. If it doesn't contract quickly this is another sign of weak adrenals.

There are six Adrenal Imbalances.

1. Cushing's disease: severe over activity of the glands. This condition is rare caused by a tumor of the adrenal glands that secretes cortisol. It could be a tumor in the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus. This can cause obesity in the trunk of your body, and muscle weakness, and cause various psychological problems.

2. Addison's disease: low adrenal activity. It causes weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure, changes in skin color, anorexia, nausea, dizziness, decreases cold tolerance and dehydration. This could be caused by a tumor of the Adrenal glands. And it will shut down the Adrenal glands completely.

3. Adrenal insufficiency: low cortisol levels. There are two types of imbalances. Primary and Secondary. Primary means the problem is with the Adrenal Glands. Secondary means the adrenal gland is not the problem but from the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, or other glands that stimulate the adrenal gland.

4. Cortisol reversal: cortisol levels are low in the morning when they should be higher. Later in the day they increase and are too high at night.

5. Adrenal burnout syndrome: mild form of Addison's disease. Low functioning of the adrenal glands. Most causes of this are bad nutrition and toxic metals and chemicals in the body.

6. Fatigue versus adrenal burnout: Adrenal burnout is not relieved by getting enough sleep. This is not just a sleep disorder.  Burnout is a derangement of the body's energy production. Fatigue can be one symptom.

This can confuse doctors. Thinking you have a psychiatric problem, when it is all physical causing mental health problems. When the Adrenal glands are weak, copper builds up in your body. It elevates emotions like Panic attacks, bipolar disorder, mood swings, and schizophrenia. Mercury, lead, and other toxins contribute to hundreds  of physical and mental problems.

All these imbalances can cause serious health risks and serious mental and emotional problems in your life. You may not even know you are under such stress. Work, children, relationships, and, or anything that can cause stress will cause you to weaken your adrenal glands. The longer you are stressed, the more sick you will feel.

Now, many Doctors get confused, and many Psychiatrists will not even think of checking your adrenal glands. So as soon as you can, before you keep popping those mental health pills for anxiety and depression, please go to your nearest Doctor and ask for further testing of your Adrenal glands and hormonal testing. Most doctors will give you a referral to see an  Endocrinologist. Wouldn't you rather have a problem fixed, then feel like you are crazy?

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