The smart phone market in America is a very fast paced and dynamic marketplace compared to the standard land line telephone market of some years ago. In the early years of the cellular telephone they were primarily a way to speak with other people by voice calls and weren’t exactly the most mobile communication method. Nowadays there is so much more functionality to the smart phone market that many people rarely even use their phones for actual telephone calls and instead rely on them as a way to send and receive emails, surf the web and make purchases through online retailers.

The introduction of the Android operating system some time ago brought real competition to the smart phone industry and though the iOS powered Apple iPhone is still one of the most popular smart phones on the market it does face significant competition from innovative implementations of the Android OS with new, more powerful handsets. One benefit the iPhone does have over Android devices is the more standardized hardware environment which can lead to a more flawless user experience in some cases.

Smart phones now have the ability to perform much of what you typically would do with your laptop or PC. Of course with a smart phone you don’t have the full-size mouse and keyboard to use for input. Instead many of these phones use touch screens as the primary input method and they have become quite adept at creating a nice user experience based on that technology alone. Some people still prefer an physical keyboard on their phones so many Android handset manufacturers continue to compete for the “Best Android Keyboard” title with models that feature slide-out or flip-open keyboards. One of the most popular Android phones in it’s time, the Motorola Droid, was one of those models that didn’t forsake the physical keyboard format. Following editions of the Droid phone have continued to cater to this preference on the part of some consumers.

Really dedicated keyboard users may even be interested in the external keyboards you can get for your Android smart phone that connect by way of the phones Bluetooth wireless connection. If you really do not want to use a laptop or other lightweight computer then getting one of these compact keyboards to use for more extensive typing could be an option. If you use a tablet a Bluetooth external keyboard could also come in handy and would likely be a bit more useful in that type of situation than when used with a smaller Android smart phone.