When you are shopping for strollers, a rear facing stroller is definitely an option you need to consider. There are many advantages about this type of strollers: you have your eyes on the baby at all times and you can talk to him and show him different things while walking. This way, your baby won’t get bored and your walks in the park or your shopping trips will be a lot more fun.


How To Pick the Right Rear Facing Stroller

A rear facing stroller helps you to see your baby all the time, which makes it a lot safer and comfortable for your child then other strollers. But those strollers are a little harder to maneuver, because the handle is much bigger and doesn’t offer you the same level of control over the wheels then backward facing strollers. However, a rear facing stroller is the right item for newborns and infants. So, when you shop for such an item, there are some things you need to consider. First of all, ask the seller if the two sets of wheels move independently and if both of them have brakes. That’s really important, if you want a stroller that’s easy to maneuver. The height of the handle is another issue that makes the difference between a stroller equally comfortable for the baby and the parent and one that makes your back hurt. Many rear facing strollers have a handle that’s placed a little too low, making you to lean forward when you push. This position is uncomfortable during long walks. When you buying one, make sure you get one with an adjustable handle. If the handle is fixe, check to see if it’s placed at the right height and if the length is comfortable.

You can find many strollers online and the prices are vey convenient.  If you intend to buy your stroller online, make sure you download the technical specifications about the item you intend to get. Read carefully all the details – they will help you understand the dimensions and the features of the stroller and if it’s suitable for you or not.


The Safety Features Of A Rear Facing Stroller

Since you have the chance to see your baby all the time, this type of stroller is actually a lot safer then the backward facing ones.  You notice right away if the baby puts toys or other objects in the mouth and you can prevent dangerous accidents. Many infants are stressed out by backward facing strollers, because they can’t see their parents. An infant doesn’t have the capacity to understand that the parents are still around, even if he or she can’t see them. This is why the baby becomes agitated and, in time, can develop a stroller phobia. If you buy a rear facing stroller, this problem is solved. But, because you baby is also able to see you, he or she will move around a lot, to catch your attention. This is why a solid, five point seat belt is a must. When you put the seat belt, make sure you adjusted properly, not too tight and not too loose. If the seat belt it’s too loose, the baby might slip from the stroller or even fall down.


A Rear Facing Stroller Helps You Communicate With Your Baby

Infants or toddlers, they all need your attention more then anything else. When you go out with your baby, there are many new things that you can show him, and others that can make your baby agitated. The fact that the baby can see you at all times helps you reassure him and keep him calm and happy. You can have a lot of interactions with the baby, when you go walking or shopping. For small babies, shopping trips can be boring. If you can talk to the baby, play with him and show him new, exciting things, any trip will be a joy and an occasion for the two of you to spend quality time together.

A rear facing stroller is the right option for any infant. As the baby grows and becomes a toddler, you can let him interact with the exterior world, in a backward facing stroller. If you don’t want to purchase two strollers, you could get one that can be used both as rear facing and backward facing stroller, simply by modifying the position of the handle.