Bifold closet doors have a great, retro look. They can transform any room into an old-world, classy space. There is something really romantic about them, not to mention the fact that they are also very comfortable to use. Those are made of panes that fold outwards, allowing you complete access inside the entire closet. Other types,  like sliding doors, only provides you access to a single side of your closet at a time. Standard interior doors, one-piece or two-piece, take a lot of space and you can’t install your bed or your cabinets near them, because you wont be able to open the doors comfortably.

Bifold closet doors come in a huge variety of models and colors and you can match them with any type of interior design. There are doors made of wood, made of glass, made of painted panels or composite materials.

 The Perfect Bifold Closet Doors For Your Bedroom

Bifold closet doors, mirrored type, will look spectacular in your bedroom. If you have a minimalist, modern bedroom, than you should get ones made of glass or acrylic panels. On the contrary, if you are the romantic type of personality and you want some old school charm in your bedroom, bifold closet doors made of wood are the way to go. You can pick ones that have a transparent varnish finish, to bring a natural feel to your bedroom. Another option would be to get ones that are painted in different colors, with oil paint.  A nice touch would be to make them look like antiques: paint them in a dark color, like blue or green. On top of the dark color, paint a lighter nuance and then peel parts of the second layer of paint off. You bifold closet doors will look spectacular.

This type of doors is perfect for walk-in closets. They are easier to maneuver and more durable then sliding doors. Sliding doors that are very large and heavy can fall off the sliding mechanism quite easily. With bifolds, you don’t have this problem, and you also have full access to your closet.

 Bifold Closet Doors For Your Kitchen

Many kitchens have a closet or a small room near by, that’s very useful: you can set up your laundry there or you can install some cabinets for extra storage space. However, you need an aesthetic way to mask the entrance to that utility room. Bifold closet doors are just the perfect way to do it. You can order ones that are in the same color and style like your kitchen cabinets. This way, not only that your kitchen will look great all the time; also, when you need to go in an out of that utility room a lot, carrying groceries or laundries, you can leave the doors completely opened. You’ll have very easy access from the kitchen. In such situation, bifold closet doors are much better than sliding doors or one-side open doors.

Also, this type of doors is very useful when your dining room is right next to your kitchen or your living room. By installing them, you will make a solid demarcation between the two spaces, when you need intimacy. In the same time, when you’re hosting a party and you need to walk around a lot with foods and drinks, and your want your guests to be able to move around freely, you can simply leave them opened.

 Painted Bifold Closet Doors

For children’s room, a great idea is to call somebody to paint the doors with their favorite characters. You can add a different scene for every panel of the doors. You can even paint the doors yourself, and even ask your children to help you. This will turn up to be a great family fun. All you have to do is find some painting patterns online – there are lots of them, with all the characters that children love. After you found them, you can print them, cut them out and use them to draw the perimeter. After the perimeter is ready, all you have to do is coloring the characters with some good quality, water based paint. The fact that the paintings from the bifold closet doors are hiden when the doors are opened and revealed when you close them will amuse your children a lot.