Retractable screen doors will help you a lot, during summer, or during the entire year, if you live in a warmer climate. There is nothing more pleasant the spending a nice summer evening in your living room, with all the doors to the porch opened and a cold drink in your hand. But what do you do with all those insects that keep entering your home?  The easiest solution is to install some retractable screen doors, perfect to keep all the annoying stuff outside, while allowing the fresh air to circulate without any impediment.

 Retractable Screen Doors – Easy to Handle

When you need them, you can slide them in the right position in a mater of seconds. While they are not in use, they take very little space: they are rolled inside a cylinder, so you simply don’t notice them. Regular screen doors have to be taken out in the cold season, but with the retractable screen doors this problem is solved. No more complicated operations – all you have to do is roll them inside the support and eave the there until you need to use them again. The basic retractable screen door mechanism is very simple – you push the door, which slides on a frame, in the position you want. However, there are now lots of retractable screen doors that have electric control and all you have to do for sliding them is to push the button from the remote control.

 Why You Need Retractable Screen Doors

There are also screen door that are designed to protect you house against excessive light and against dangerous solar radiation. Buying and using retractable screen doors actually makes you save money. We all know how important it is, during summer, to keep the house well ventilated. If you can’t keep the doors opened, especially in the evening, when the air is cooler, because of the insects, it means you’ll be forced to use your AC system 24 hours per day. This will bring you a huge electricity bill. But, if you have these installed, at least during evenings and night you will be able to ventilate your home in a natural, healthy and free way.  Also, if you pick a model hat insures protection form solar radiation and excessive light, your furniture, carpets and flooring will keep the original colors for a long time.

 Retractable Screen Doors – What You Should Be Looking For

When shopping for anything for your home, there are some things you should really consider. First of all, ask he manufacturer or the vendor if the screen doors that you intend to buy are weatherproof. There are some types of retractable screen doors that can be damaged by rain and wind, so you shouldn’t leave them on when a storm is coming your way. If you want to be protected against bugs, but you also want to fully enjoy the view, you have to get transparent screen doors. If direct sunlight bothers you, buy some retractable screen doors in dark color, and you’ll have a nice shade inside your house.

Many people are worried about the fact that installing screen doors will have a negative impact on the way their house looks. Well, that’s not the case. There are hundreds of models that are very discreet. If they are not on, you don’t even notice the. They came with a thin, sleek aluminum frame and a tube that is placed exactly near the main doorframe. These pieces are a cheap, elegant and aesthetic solution to your ventilation problems. They create a very healthy environment in the house. AC systems can spread a lot of germs and bacteria inside your home, especially if you keep them on the entire day. Spending the entire day in a house that is cooled off by an AC machine can trigger allergies and respiratory infections and children are the first to be affected. If you install retractable screen doors, in the evenings you can shut down the AC system and enjoy the fresh air from outside.

If the screen form your retractable screen doors starts to look old or breaks in time, replacing it is extremely simple. You don’t have to buy new doors, only some screen. Taking the old one out and installing the new one is extremely easy and you can do it yourself, in a matter of minutes.