Most iPod owners are simply tired of having to deal with malwares, adwares, spyware, and what not. These viruses seriously harm your computer and if not prevented they can crash your computer. However since you will never run out of songs to download, you just can't help but continue downloading music files into your PC. If you do not have a really strong anti-virus software then your computer and your iPod is at risk. Even if you do you would still need another software called the windows registry cleaner that will protect your computer's windows registry.

Your windows registry plays a really vital role in keeping your computer functioning in goods condition, for this is where all of your computer setting is registered. It is where everything that has anything to do with the way your computer works is stored and it is important to protect it because malwares and spyware can easily damage your windows registry and crash you computer.

When downloading music files from free sites, risk of virus attack is extremely high and so experts advice iPod owners to stop downloading from these free sites. However since Apple iTunes may be a bit costly some owners just couldn't help but still do it.

Free iPod music downloads legally as the name implies is legal meaning that all songs accessed in these sites are copyrighted.

First it would be necessary that you sign up on a website that offers free iPod music downloads legally. You may be asked to pay a certain membership fee which is a one time subscription fee. After you signed up you will then have access to all songs that has copyright. The fee ranges from about $30 to $40 depending on the website you chose.

The Advantages of Free iPod Music Downloads legally

1. The downloading speed is at it's finest
Of course if the site is legal then it is free from spy ware, malware, adware, etc. so downloading speed is also fast.

2. You will access to millions of songs
Since illegal websites does not have copyright, there are very limited songs that you can get from them as compared to almost two millions music files that you can get from legal websites.

3. Your PC is protected from viruses
We already know that your computer's greatest enemy are spyware, malwares, adwares, and viruses, like mentioned above if you keep downloading files from illegal websites your computer is at risk and the more you download the higher risk you take. If you have important files stored into your computer then the risk of losing it is relatively high than ever. Some viruses can even crash your PC even if you have a good anti-virus software installed. Legal websites on the other hand provide their users with security protection that will ensure your PCs safety.

4. You only have to pay One time
One time payment is required yet you will have unlimited access to millions of songs and to millions that will be released in the future. Your computer will be safe and you won't have to pay more for lifetime music downloading.