As a tall woman, growing up in a very tall family there are many advantages and disadvantages of being tall. 


Everywhere you go people ask you if you play basketball

It seems like everywhere someone in my family goes we always get this question. However, tall women don’t get this question as much as men. I don’t know why people feel the need to ask a tall person if they play basketball. It can actually be quit rude to ask a tall person that question. I don’t go around asking every short person if they are a horse jockey. Maybe people see it as a conversation starter, but the next time you want to start a conversation with a tall person say something else.

You always get asked how tall you are

This is another question everyone in my family is always asked. We are proud of our height, but why does everybody feel the need to ask our exact height? We don’t go around asking every short person how short they are or how much a obese person weights, this is considered offensive in our society.  People don’t realize that it can also be rude to ask a tall person’s height. Sometimes I feel the need to tell people how tall I am in millimeters just to through then off, because I am so tired of people always asking. 

Physical space in vehicles is sometimes limited

I would love to own a small sports car, but physically I would not fit in it very well. When you are tall you have to shop around for a new vehicle. You always have to make sure there is enough leg room and head room. There is nothing more annoying than riding in a car and your head is touching the ceiling. This is why you most always see tall people driving larger SUVs, Trucks, or large sedans like a Mercedes- Benz E class. Unfortunately most of these vehicles do not get very good gas mileage. 

You can’t walk into any clothing store to buy cloths

Most tall people need long inseam pants (35 inches plus). Most stores do not carry that size of pants, so we end up going to a specialty store, high end store or order pants online. The plus side of needing long inseam pants are they are usually designer brands like Miss Me.


You gain respect in society

Tall people are usually respected in society for several reasons. When a tall person walks in a room, people notice and you will be remembered. People also often associated tall people as leaders. Both of these things can make you feel great about yourself. 

Tall people are paid more

A study done by Timothy Judge at the University of Florida found that for every inch of height, a tall worker can expect to earn an extra $789 per year. This means that a tall man with a height of 6’ 6” will make an extra $7101 dollars compared to the average height man’s height of 5’ 9”. Tall people also make up a large percentage of companies CEOs. I certainly enjoy a larger paycheck and I am sure every other tall person does too.  

You can reach things in high places

I don’t know how many times I have been in a grocery store and a short person has asked me to reach something on the top shelf. Being able to reach things in high places makes you feel useful. Also when you are tall you can change a lightbulb without getting a ladder, this always saves time.

You have beautiful long legs

As a female this is a huge advantage of being tall. I don’t know of a guy out there that does not like long legs on a female. Long legs are something every girl wish they had. When you are a tall woman and have beautiful long legs you look amazing in form fitting jeans and dresses. Do we need to say more? 

Clothing look better on you

Clothing lay better on tall people. Why do you think most models are tall?  Most people think that you can’t buy clothing that fit a tall person everywhere, this can be true. However heigh end cloths usually fit tall individuals better. Would you rather have a closet full of cheap foreign clothing, or nice high end clothing that will last longer?