With the rise in mobile phones, people have begun to question the purpose of home telephones and land lines. Partly because of this trend providers have begun to offer a type of broadband connection where you did not need line rental, packages that are easier and can be more cost-effective. When you are looking to opt for a deal without a phone you should think about the advantages and disadvantages. It is only after comparing the pros and cons that you will discover whether removing your line rental is a sensible choice. You should compare any deal where you get broadband without line rental and with line rental deal on costs and service levels.

Why is broadband without line rental an option?

Before considering the benefits and pitfalls, you have to look at the reasons behind looking for broadband with no line rental. You must consider whether you use your phone line or not. If you do not, then you should look at this type of connection; if you do, this is not the option for you. You have to be honest with yourself and question how much time you spend on your home phone. Some people still use their landline as a primary means of communication, and if you are one of these people a broadband without line rental connection is not an option.

The advantages

It is important to look at the advantages and disadvantages of all packages to determine which is right for you. The most attractive benefits of the broadband without line rental deal are listed below:

1. Saving money!
The majority of broadband packages include a monthly line rental fee. By removing this item, you remove the fee and save yourself money. Of course the amount you save will depend on the deal you have/had and the provider you have/had a contract with. Disposing of line rental will nearly always make your new deal a bit cheaper.

2. Faster broadband connection.
The majority of these connections will be based on fibre optic connections. A fibre optic connection allows for a speed of 100mb per second, much faster than any phone-based connection. Even if you opt for a mobile broadband package it is possible you will have a 4G connection. 4G connections offer speeds up to a theoretical 40mb per second; however this does depend on coverage and signal strength. 4G is comparable to a decent ADSL connection. 4G is being rolled out around the country as I write this, opening up the technology to everyone; or nearly everyone.

3. Flexibility and convenience.
The greatest advantage of a mobile broadband connection is the convenience. This stems from the ability to carry your internet connection with you wherever you go. Furthermore, mobile broadband offers increased flexibility in contract terms including the option of a 1 month rolling contract. This type of contract will lock you in for just 1 month, after which you may change providers if you wish to do so.

4. Value for money.
As you do not have to pay an additional monthly line rental fee, you will likely be saving money. This saving contributes to the broadband without line rental option being cost-effective and great value for money. Furthermore, the speeds and data download allowances on Fibre are the best, and mobile broadband is getting more competitive day by day. Fibre optic broadband is known as a super-fast internet connection, and normally comes with high data limits, as the provider often assumes these consumers will be high volume users. It should be noted that many of these unlimited deals are not subject to traffic management, or the provider’s fair use policies. For example BT and SKY Unlimited deals are truly unlimited.

The disadvantages

While the advantages are undoubtedly tempting, there are negative aspects to consider as well. You must identify these and be honest with yourself when deciding if they cancel out the benefits.

1. Less choice.
Unlike broadband with line rental, there are not that many deals without a line rental. This unfortunately limits the broadband options available to you. When you explore different types of connections you will notice there are three kinds of broadband, and the most common (and accessible) will need a phone line. In addition, Fibre broadband is only available to around 60% of the UK at the moment. This limits choice massively. If you don’t want a phone line and can’t get Fibre then mobile broadband or satellite broadband are your options; neither of them currently too good for multiple user home broadband.

2. Phone line needs
Emailing and social networking sites are popular methods of communication, however we do still rely on telephone calls. If you do not have a home telephone it will be necessary to use another device. Most people will use a mobile phone, but if you have utilised all the free minutes on your mobile contract you may end up paying high rates for additional calls. A landline can be a great back up to your mobile.

When reviewing the pitfalls of the non-line rental package you will see they are less than the list of benefits. This is probably why many individuals opt for broadband without line rental connection.

More alternatives

If you were to peruse providers you will find many who are willing to offer broadband with cheap line rental. By looking into this alternative, you can save as much money over a package as if you were opting for a non-line rental connection. Furthermore, with cheap line rental you will be keeping your broadband options open to an ADSL connection, which is in turn more available and generally cheaper than Fibre.

There are some difficulties that can crop up with cheap line rental deals. Firstly, you may have to pay one year's worth of rental upfront. This can be rather expensive and if you are a budget consumer it might be a chunky charge that you cannot justify. Secondly, the customer support service of cheaper providers can be quite poor quality too; but then so are the services of most of the industry.