Like with any type of job or career there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore you need to consider all the facts and decide before you start  writing if this is the way to earn money for you. Earning money by working from home online is not as simple as some people say.

You definitely can earn money from writing articles online and you need to write on topics that you know all about. No you do not have to be an expert, although the things you have learned throughout your life may help others from making mistakes that you have learned from.



  • You will be independent and working for yourself, and hours that suit you.
  • You can choose to work while the kids are at school or late at night when the house is quiet.
  • No bosses, to hound you, when you missed the bus.
  • No more setting the alarm chasing the bus, or driving around trying to find a parking bay a mile away from the office.
  • Think of those savings, with no exorbitant fuel or bus fares to pay.
  • It will take hard work and long hours, to build your earnings.
  • You choose when you want to work and who for.



If you write good articles for people like: Info barrel, Hubpages, Helium and many more, you will start earning money, while you sleep. Yes once you start writing you will be earning as long as that article is published on the internet and you will continue to earn money from it for years. It will need to be an article that is written well and of good content. Now, can you see how why we write and what a great advantage we have to earn money without doing anything else.



  • No work. No Pay. That is the hardest part to accept when you first start. No sick pay.
  • You need to set goals and achieve them. Try to write a least one article a week, if possible it would be even better to write one every couple of days.
  • You will need to discourage your visitors from popping in for coffee, when they learn you are working from home they will think it is okay, you will need to set them straight, remind them that you are working.
  • There will be no company superannuation benefits to fall back on, and you will still have to pay your own tax.


Do not give up your day job

Before you tell your boss where to go, you need to study all the facts. Decide whether you want to be a freelance writer or write articles anywhere. Many people make good money freelancing. It takes dedication and hard work, before you start earning enough to pay the bills.


Writing Articles on the Internet

This is a good place to start, while you still have a job. Learn the ropes and gain experience from others doing the same. Learn from them and ask questions in the forums. Pick their brains. Be courteous, read their articles and leave comments, hopefully they will do the same for you.


Highly sort after Articles

  • How to
  • Do it yourself
  • Earning money online
  • Earning money at home
  • Finance
  • Savings and budgets

Study how others make money online and learn from them. Before you know it you too will be earning money from the articles you write even while you are sleeping.