Why Choose Dental Implants?

There are several advantages to having dental implants which makes them the preferred method of replacing missing teeth for many people. These benefits of include an improved level of permanence, functionality, aesthetics of the face, dental hygiene along with the protection of the remaining teeth.

Permanence: Dental Implants offer a long lasting solution to replace missing teeth. This is due to the implant integrating with the existing bone ensuring that the strength, durability and longevity of the implant.  With correct maintenance dental implants are expected to last for around fifteen years before the crown has to be replaced. They last considerably longer than dental bridges and dentures which are expected to last for up to ten years and up to five years respectively.

Functionality: Dental implants provide an improved functionality – compared with dentures or bridges - for the wearer as they feel and function exactly like natural healthy teeth. With dental implants you will, just as before, be able to eat food which was previously off-limits due to the absence of some of your teeth; and as opposed to wearing dentures you will also have the ability to eat even the most challenging foods without feeling pain in your gums.

Aesthetics of the face: Dental Implants have the advantage of helping to maintain the natural appearance of the face. This is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of implants as they will stop the jaw bone from bone resorption (the bone diminishing over time). When bone resorption occurs the lower area of the face collapses causing the sufferer to appear considerably older than they actually are. When the shape of the mouth area and jaw jawbone changes in such a way, it gives the face an unsightly 'caved in' appearance, so the prevention of bone resorption gives the advantage of the natural structure of the face and jaw being maintained.

Improvement in self-confidence: One of the most obvious advantages of dental implants is the improved physical appearance which they provide.  When people have missing teeth they are often not able to smile and laugh normally as many people become overly self-conscious and embarrassed of the appearance of their mouth. The improved appearance when smiling or laughing helps the patient feel more at ease with their appearance, which in turn increases their levels of self-esteem and self-confidence.

The prevention of damage to remaining teeth: When a person an empty cavity next to healthy teeth which are being prepared by a dentist for a crown or dental bridge, there is a risk that the healthy teeth can become damaged. Quite often the healthy teeth would have to be reduced in size which has the unfortunate side effect of shortening the life of the tooth. When dental implants are in place there, no dental work is necessary which could have a negative impact on adjoining teeth. This would enable the dentist to only treat the empty tooth cavity.

Improvement in dental hygiene:  Dental implants are as easy to look after as natural teeth. With regular brushing, flossing combined with routine frequent appointments with your dentist the longevity of the implants will be ensured. A general dentist will also be able to identify any possible problems with an implant making regular visits even more important than before.

Although dental implants are considerably more expensive than dentures or bridges the advantages offered easily make up for the extra cost. It may be worth considering Dental Finance which is often available to help spread-out the cost. In many respects, once the Dental Implant has been placed the feel, appearance and functionality of having healthy natural teeth is restored.