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With most States in the process of enacting stringent VOC restrictions, paint companies are designing produuct to meet these needs and even going a step further to develop odorless paint. Harmony Zero VOC Acrylic is one product that meets and exceeds the most stringent of these laws set forth by: LEED, NAHB, GGHC, MPI, CARB, SCAQMD, OTC, GEI, CHPS, CGBC and others.

Harmony: Zero VOC Acrylic Odorless Interior Latex

One product on the paint market that has met or exceeded green standards is Harmony Zero VOC Interior Acrylic Latex. Manufactured by the Sherwin-Williams Paints Company, Harmony contains a 0 VOC formula and is a virtually ordorless paint!

In fact, Harmony can be painted in an occupied room without disturbing the occupants, unlike most other paints. Like Duration Home, Harmony meets Sherwin-Williams GreenSure Certification while maintaining excellent proven performance. Generally, Harmony is used in schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities because of it's quality and green properties. It is equally a great coating for your own home!

Reasons Why Harmony is an Excellent Green Coating Solution

  • Virtually Odorless Paint
  • Zero VOC Content
  • Strong Durable Finish
  • Formulated without Silica
  • EPA Approved Anti-Microbial Additives that Prevent the Growth of Mold and Mildew
  • Complete Line of Flat, Egg-Shell, Semi-Gloss, and Primer
  • Available for Use with Most Colors
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Price

Harmony is considered to be an exceptional green eco-paint coating. With quality, paint products tend to be more expensive. Though exceptional, Harmony prices between the expensive and the inexpensive product lines at Sherwin-Williams.

Harmony costs (approximate):

  • Harmony Zero VOC Flat Interior Latex: $44
  • Harmony Zero VOC Egg-Shell Interior Latex: $46
  • Harmony Zero VOC Semi-Gloss Interior Latex: $48
  • Harmony Zero VOC Primer: $44
  • No Extra Charge for Tinting
  • Not-Returnable, Once Tinted

Though the prices might seem on the high side compared to paints that could be purchased at WalMart or Ace Hardware, Sherwin-Williams often features 30% to 40% off sales to their customers and depending on your employer you may qualify for year round discounts.

Sherwin-Williams offers periodic incentives and special exclusive sales to their customers. Visit over 3500 stores nationwide to purchase Harmony Zero VOC Odorless paint! 

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