Custom software development can be a tedious and surprisingly expensive process. All too often, delays, budget overruns and unforeseen obstacles hamper a startups ability to be competitive within the marketplace. Second-rate development platforms, on the other hand, prove the truth of the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” Microsoft’s .NET platform streamlines the process of software development, allowing individuals and teams to work together productively. The advantages of .NET are almost too many to list in brief, but the platform’s upside begins and ends with integration.

Software developers who choose Microsoft’s .NET platform enjoy the use of a single set of tools and interfaces. This means that parcels of code can be re-used and adapted to suit different needs across an entire system. Ultimately, .NET enables faster and more efficient development of even highly complex projects. Organizations that choose the Microsoft platform can expect huge dividends in terms of time and cost savings. For the freelance developer, faster turnaround naturally means more time to take on other clients and projects, not to mention the fact of delivering a superb product.

As expected with a superior custom software tool, .NET features an expansive library of pre-coded modules. Simple, universal functions don’t have to be written from scratch, in other words. Pre-coded modules also reduce the chances of errors and compatibility issues, including issues with browser compatibility. The development team will spend less time diagnosing bugs and more time writing and testing code.

Adaptability is one of the prime features of the .NET Framework. Applications developed with .NET can run on a multitude of devices and systems with minimal tweaking. Developers and programmers will not need to create different versions for different environments. With .NET, a business can readily scale their operations as the need arises. There’s no need to hire another custom software programmer every time revenue spikes upward. Being a product of Microsoft, .NET provides the utmost level of compatibility with Microsoft Server and desktop systems and SQL Server databases.

In the information age, a successful business depends upon one thing – information. .NET is designed with integration and sharing in mind. A multinational corporation has many stakeholders, all accessing the network through a wide variety of devices. .NET easily takes the prize in terms of giving businesses the tools and technology to solve problems, both now and in the future. Because it’s an industry standard, the support network for .NET is unmatched. Almost any imaginable problem has been faced and overcome already.

Problem solving is a given, but security and privacy are just as essential during the development process as they are for the end user. The .NET Framework offers industry-leading, built-in security features. Software developers can also rest assured that all code and personally identifiable information is protected with Microsoft’s .NET.

When a business entity needs custom software that will meet or exceed expectations, developing that software with the help of the .NET Framework is the wise choice.