Many public schools are now instituting dress code policies that dictate that all students must wear school uniforms. Private schools have had similar dress code policies for years, but uniforms are the newest trend for public schools. You will find people that love the idea of school uniforms and people that hate the idea of school uniforms. This guideline will go over a few of the many advantages of school uniforms. Of course, there are some disadvantages of school uniforms, but the advantages by far outweight the disadvantages. If you need to purchase school uniforms for your children, check out stores like The Children's Place and Nordstrom.


One of the best advantages of school uniforms is the security that they provide for school officials. Did you know that many public schools have problems with outsiders sneaking into the school? With school uniforms, all of the girls will be dressed the same and all of the boys will be dressed the same. If an intruder sneaks into the school, school officials will be able to know right away because it is likely that the outsider is not wearing a school sanctioned uniform. Of course, school uniforms also make school officials' lives easier because they won't have to police what their students are wearing to school.

Reduced Bullying

Reduced bullying is a great advantage of school uniforms. There will always be students that dress differently than other students. In most cases, the students that dress differently are the students that are going to be picked on. Plus, not all families are able to afford all of the latest fashion trends. If you are a parent, you probably don't want your child being picked on because she is not wearing the hottest clothing to school. As previously mentioned, with school uniforms, all of the students will be dressed similarly, which reduces clothing related bullying. With school uniforms, theft will be reduced as well, because students are not interested in stealing a uniform.

Community Feeling

Many schools have found that uniforms instill a sense of community feeling inside their schools. Being that all of the students will be dressed in a similar manner, students may be more inclined to talk to another student that they would have never even noticed if it were not for school uniforms. Personal safety is a reduced concern for students that are wearing uniforms, which often causes them to come out of their shell and make new friends. Being that school uniforms reduce security threats, bullying and theft, teachers are able to focus solely on teaching instead of having to worry about what the students are wearing or what student is being picked on. If teachers can place all of their attention on teaching, your child is going to receive a better education.