Benefits of Students Using Skype

Before answering 'What are the advantages of Skype for students?' -- I believe it is best to firstly explain what one can actually do on Skype -- along with a quick overview (especially for those who are unsure of exactly what Skype is).

So what is Skype? Skype is essentially a leading VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service that can be installed freely on several devices (primarily on a computer) -- hence this allows Skype users to engage socially with one another through verbal communication (as well as Video and instant messaging) across the internet -- calls can be either made to both internet users, (free: Skype-to-Skype) as well as offline telephone networks (costs: Skype-to-Phone Network).

1. Skype is Simple - a great aspect of Skype is that it's 'straightforward' and 'hassle free' -- you certainly don't need to be a computer nerd to get a Skype call going within just 'minutes'. It's easy to join (simply head over to and join by filling out all the relevant details -- or you can even register with your Facebook account) and easy to download (secondly just simply hit the 'download' button -- and follow a basic walk through steps). Once you have downloaded Skype and are signed in -- all you now need to do to call someone is firstly add a contact (who is online), and secondly hit the 'call' button and before you know it -- there you are in a Skype call.

2. Skype is Free - another huge positive of Skype for students is that to sign-up, download,  instant message, file transfer and video (and non-video) call -- it is all free! (Only for Skype-to-Skype.) Hence. for those students who are needing to watch the pennies (which is likely to be most students), Skype is a great platform to make savings on potential phone calls -- especially for international calls -- and text messages etc. 

3. Conferences & Collaboration - another advantage of Skype is the ability to have a video conference -- where multiple people who are logged into Skype can have a multi-way conversation. This allows for the opportunity for students to work together from a distance without the need to all be located with in the same premises. This can allow students or example to organize themselves and work on projects and revise & study together through such conferences -- such as if a group have a group set essay to do they can work on it together by talking on Skype but actually all contribute to the actual writing the essay on an online google document.

4. Teacher-to Student Teaching - Skype offers a platform for one-to-one tutoring without being hindered by distance. There is now no longer need for location and distance to be a hindrance when it comes to tutoring -- a tutoring session can work perfectly well through Skype. For example a tutor can send a 'file transfer' whether that be a PDF work assignment or notes for the lesson about to proceed -- and then tutor can go through and explain aspects of the current topic in the sheet, in which the student can also annotate the note sheet provided. If a student has a question and query, the tutor will be able to stop and answer it -- just as in a normal tutoring session. Such a service is provided by that offers you your own personal spanish tutor to learn Spanish from.

5. Live Teaching for Students with Mobility Issues - a service such as the one above can be a great way of educating students who are suffering with mobility issues and struggle with getting and from college etc. Having a Skype video call with a personal tutor or teacher and helping them on the aspects they need to learn can be a great benefit to those such students.

How Students Can Make the Most Out of Skype - if you are new to Skype or are wanting to know more about Skype and learn what it can do for you then I urge you to check out some great books and manuals on how to use, customize, set up and save from Skype etc. Some of the better guides are books such as -- Skype: The Definitive Guide -- and -- Skype Hacks: Tips & Tools for Cheap, Fun, Innovative Phone Service.

If you have any additional benefits of Skype for students, then I encourage you to please share them below in the comments section.