Reasons to Study a Law Degree

Law Degree Holders Can Enjoy a 'Higher Salary' Once you have qualified with a law degree you can usually enjoy the benefits of a relatively high paying job (and with that financial secuirty) -- according to for the  United Kingdom -- those who hold a LLB (Bachelor of Laws) Honours Degree can after  10-19 years of career experience, on average earn more than £52,000 per year (as of 06/07/2012). You will find the average salary for a law graduate may be pretty low at first -- however this is a bit of a misconception due to many law graduates going on to further post-graduate study (which is required to get into an professional legal career) which that figures doesn't really take into account -- only those who go directly into employment from graduation.

Provides You with Professional Opportunities - another benefit career wise that comes with studying a law degree is that in an employer's eyes, you will have become highly employable due to all the skills that you have to developed when studying for a Law Degree -- such as advanced researching, team project work, independent work, highly effective communication abilities, able analyse complex data and documents, critical analysis, problem solving .. the list goes on. Hence, although you have the option to go down a legal professional career -- remember just because you have a law degree does not mean you have to have a career as a lawyer -- you are pretty 'versatile' in a number of career areas such as business, finance, consultancy, marketing etc.

Prestige Surrounding Your Degree - most students (and certainly employers) on university campus know that Law students are some of the hardest working students around and with that comes a great deal of respect for you. They know for you to do in well in a University Law Degree you have to a be a pretty bright spark (intelligent)-- so you can be proud that you study Law -- especially when the degree snobs arrive.

Intellectually Stimulating and Challenging - if you are genuinely interested in Law as a subject then you are bound to actually really 'enjoy' a Law Degree -- a university will provide you with a whole range of challenges and genuinely interesting aspects that you probably haven't even yet considered. You will be challenged intellectually and from it you will 'gain' as a person, you will be able to 'think' more efficiently and in a better more dynamic way. The degree provides you with a solid academic foundation and then from this (especially with a Law degree and Law School that instills confidence into you from continual mooting), you should be able to gain an inner confidence for yourself and from that a deep sense of enrichment all by itself.

Applying to Study a Law Degree at University

If you are looking for that extra 'edge' over your fellow applicants when applying to study for a law degree at university -- then you may want to check out some great books that offer you advice and tips to do just that -- my personal favourite even after only briefly reading it  has to be 'Letters to a Law Student'  -- which offers exetensive advice right from applying to study law at university to thinking about your potential future career. Another great book that focuses specifically on the UCAS personal statement aspect is books such as 'Great Personal Statements for Law School-- be at least sure to check them out (if you are thinking of buying one be sure to check for the cheaper 'used' copies).

If you have any additional advantages and benefits of studying a Law degree or any general remarks then I encourage you to please leave a comment below.