The Wordpress platform powers a large number of sites all over the world. Up to last year, I kept on wondering why most people use it to power their sites. This compelled me to create a site via Wordpress and up to now, I have learnt a lot from this wonderful experience. It is evident that Wordpress has some advantages that any website designer or owner should consider.

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This platform is priceless. It sounds like sweet music to those who don't want to use money to have the same services. Therefore, Wordpress is appropriate to beginners who are limited by finances and uncertainties that come with blogging and website creation when you don't have cash to hire an expert to design the site for you.

I have discovered that if one decides to talk about the advantages of Wordpress, time and space may not allow them. The reason is that it is very wide. Despite that, I will only tackle the major advantages of using it to power your site.

The Advantages of Using Wordpress to Power Your site.

  • The first is that it is priceless. I have, in the above paragraphs, mentioned this. Most of the new bloggers don't have enough capital to pay hosting charges and hire somebody to design a site for them.
  • The next advantage is its ease of use. Any person can create a beautiful site via this platform  without coding skills. It therefore means that you don't require an expert for you to create a site. With Wordpress, you can manage your website via any computer. Once you come across a computer connected to the internet, just type www.yourdomain.com/wp_admin. This will take you to the admin page.
  • In addition to the above, Wordpress is a darling to many site engines. This is because the code used in Wordpress is simple and clean. This makes it easy for the search engines to read and index sites run by it.
  • With Wordpress, you have control of your site. I use my android phone to make changes and updates to my site when I am far away from my computer. I can do this anywhere and at any time need arises or I feel that I should do so. As a result, you don't have to call your webmaster, that is, if you have one.
  • You can extend the functionality of your site via the use of plugins. Most of these plugins are free and even their paid versions are reasonably priced. As a result, you can build your website easily. For instance, you can add social tabs like Facebook and Twitter by just installing social plugins.


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  • You can have multiple users. One of my blogs has over 50,000 users who have been assigned different roles. There are also good plugins like Pie Register that you can use to charge a subscription fee. If your content is quality in the niche, then you can generate a decent income.

An example of a site that is powered by Wordpress is Bananaview Media. It uses a free theme known as Espen. As you can see, it is  very cool. This is despite the fact that everything in it is free.

                             Is  Wordpress Worthy?

Perhaps this is one question that should be answered before you decide whether to choose Wordpress. As you can see from the above, Wordpress is a good platform to power you site with simply because it is easy to use and more importantly is a darling to search engines. This means that your site will rank highly within a short period of time.

I recommend this platform to all people as it is free and anybody can use it easily. If you have challenges in using it, you can use their tutorial to learn on how to create online staff via it. The tutorial is found on their website. Alternatively, you can buy the books shown below so that you can learn how to do all this within hours or few days.

Remember that Wordpress.com gives one a chance to own a site for free while for wordpress.org, you must host your own site. If you are creating a website for blogging, then wordpress.org is the most to you since you can monetize it. Happy blogging as you consider whether to go for this blogging platform that can change your life if you use it well.

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