Using a Helmet Camera to Capture all the Action

If you’re a sports junkie, using a helmet camera can benefit you in so many ways. If you want to record yourself in action and it isn’t safe enough to hold a camera, these small cameras are ideal. They attach to your helmet and are simple to use when recording, and when extracting the video files onto your computer. Whether you are a keen mountain biker, a surfer, a lover of skiing, or you like to sky dive often, a helmet camera will be there to record every moment of your exhilarating sport.

The Main Advantages

People use these cameras for a number of reasons. Below are just a couple of advantages to using a helmet camera:

  • Fun – These types of cameras allow you to film all the action from your own vantage point and relive it all again when it is played back. Helmet cameras can be helpful if you take part in a sport where it is difficult for others to watch or if you’re on holiday and want to share it with friends and family on your return. 


  • Training – If you are training hard to compete in a sport, attaching a camera to your helmet will show you where you are going wrong and help you improve techniques. Compare all of the videos leading up to your event to see how you’ve improved over time.


  •  Length of Film – A good helmet camera will record up to 2-5 hours of film depending on the memory card and type of battery so you don’t have to cut bits out and stop and start whilst taking part in your sport.


  • Still Photos – Many camera models give you the ability to take stills so you have the option to film or take snaps, it’s up to you!


  • Waterproof – There are plenty of waterproof cameras available which is great for those who love water sports, or want to enjoy their sport outside.


  • Problems – Unfortunately problems and accidents do occur in sport and one of the advantages to having a helmet camera is that you can see what went wrong, how and when. The footage could help answer a lot of questions.

Staying Safe in your Sport

One of the main reasons for using a helmet camera is to stay hands free so that you can enjoy your sport safely. Fumbling around with a handheld camera is dangerous and it is likely that the footage won’t be good at all when you play it back. These lightweight cameras are designed to be attached to the helmet so the user isn’t weighed down and most of the time, they’ll forget it’s even there! Clear vision and concentration is important if you take part in extreme sports and a camera like this will help you more than you think.