Writing online is an ever growing trend amongst Americans. It's also becoming a growing part of the economy. In many cases this day and age, people are turning to the internet to make ends meat. Even still, no method of online earning has been taken under it's wing more-so then online writing.

There are several different forms of online writing. The first is upfront payment article submission. Firstly, article submissions are articles that one submits to various websites across the net. These sites may reimburse the writer with money, but in some cases they may be reimbursed in a different manner. Even still, upfront payments simply means that the writer will be paid immediately after the article its self has been posted. Article submission websites are generally free to join and are easy to use.

The next form of net-writing is called PPC, or Paid Per Click. This sort of method is introduced when the website that is used to submit the written work is based off of an ad program. One example would be Helium. Sites that pay through PPC will use ad programs such as Google Adsense to divide payments up for their users.

Even still, there is a third type of online writing solution that many people turn to when they are just beginning their online writing journey, and that is blogging. Blogging is a way for users to blog about topics ranging on any subject. Blogger.com is one of the most effective sites around for blogging. What's even more interesting is that blogs are very highly ranked in the search engines.

Search engine rank will be a very greatly determining factor within the online writing community as well as with other online money making solutions on the internet. Each writer using any one of these methods will be competing for a top position in the search engines and only those who have a very well defined knowledge of SEO as well as a great know-how of the content that they will be posting will be able to procure the top placements on the major search engines.

In retro spect, it won't be easy to develop ones skills as a net writer without practice first. Each online writer however, doesn't only have to rely on research and books to get top place in the search engines. Many different writers create networks and groups and in some cases depend on one another to maximize their online profits. In any case, earning online will be a task best suited for the patient. Keeping a watchful eye over ever changing keyword trends on the internet will be something to be make note of doing when a good ground has been built in ones own potential as an online writer.

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