Mulching Mower

Making use of a mulching mower can provide some additional benefits that you may not have taken into consideration. Since mowing the lawn is a routine that every homeowner cannot avoid, it only makes good sense to make the most out of the task. The mulching mower could just be the answer for a couple of reasons. 

Fertilizer Factories

A mulching mower can be regarded as a mini fertilizer factory of sorts. It cuts blades of grass into tiny pieces and then with the aid of its high-powered and specially designed blades, it redistributes these fragments of grass back unto the lawn. There are no clumps of grass left behind to rake up or any bags to empty. The cut grass practically vanishes into the lawn, where it will break down and provide additional nutrition for the lawn since grass is made up of about 85% water and 5% of nitrogen, which are both good for the remaining lawn.

Powerful Machinery

By its design, the way the mulching mower operates needs a more powerful engine. The standard mowers will cut once and eject the cut particles. A mulching mower makes use of a special blade or "kicker" to keep the cut grass suspended below the deck so it can be chopped more thoroughly. In order for it to handle this extra grass load, the engine needs to be more powerful. Some industrial models can go as high as 50 HP.

Unique Blades

Mulching mower blades stand out from traditional mower blades. Every model comes with its own design but often you will find the multi-edged or saw-tooth design. Yet another feature of the blades design is the angle. The tilted angle helps to propel the grass clippings upward and inward to assist in achieving a finer chopping. Their robustness gives them the ability to also mulch fallen leaves into the lawn. Leaf mulching should be carried out moderately as they have lesser nutritive value than the grass clippings.

Time Savers

By carrying out regular mowing with the mulching mower, you are adding fertilizer to your lawn frequently. You can as well forgo additional fertilizer treatments. There is no raking involved, no bagging or disposal of grass clippings as well which are activities that can add hours of work over the span of a growing season. The same can be said of the leaves that are mulched: no raking or bagging and no burning. Cutting the grass with this kind of mower can take away some if not all of these other maintenance jobs.

Living Green

For those interested in living a greener lifestyle, this kind of mower can help considerably. There is a reduction in the usage of commercial a fertilizer. Fertilizers introduces synthetic chemicals to the soil and possibly to nearby ground water. Their usage is reduced when the grass clippings serve as a replacement. Yard waste is usually bagged and sent to the landfills. While it will definitely decompose there, it will take up landfill space and provide less benefit there than when it is on your lawn. Recycling is about finding other ways to reuse items. Mulching is a good way to go; a natural recycling process.