Today has been blustery to say the least. The wind is blowing cold arctic air in frigid gusts every time the front door opens. Snow is blowing and there is a winter weather advisory in affect. I had college today, but fortunately, I got everything done and I didn’t even have to leave the house. I am getting my degree at home online.

      It was fairly easy to sign up for the classes. I simply had to follow a few steps, getting
things faxed to the university, signing up for FAFSA, and the like and within a few weeks I was sitting in my own living room in front of the computer starting my first day of class.

      Taking classes online is a little strange when you first start. For one thing all your

communication with your classmates and instructors is all in writing. This can definitely be
a plus for those of us who plan to utilize those writing skills after we have our degree.

     The advantages of taking classes on line are numerous. For one thing, I can schedule when and
where I study. Last summer my husband and daughter and I went on a vacation. I was able to go on this vacation with my husband and daughter even though I had classes in which I had to participate. I simply attended the vacation activities with my family and took a couple of hours early in the morning to do my classwork.  I am not restricted to a time or location simply because I’m attending class.

      Another advantage to online learning is that I have been able to accelerate my educational process. I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in three and a half years instead of in the usual four years. I am able to do all that while still being able to have a home life.

      I like the fact that I’m able to be home in case my daughter needs me to get her from school
(she’s in middle school). I can also attend her daytime school activities.

       Not only do I not have to deal with weather conditions, I don’t have to fight traffic either.
I save money not having to drive to school. I am able to help the environment not only because I am not using gas which pollutes the air, but all of my books and educational material come in the form of e-books.

     Probably what I like best about online learning is that I have access to such a diversity of
faculty and classmates. Instructors for my classes live all over the country, and because there is a limited number of people in the class, the instructors are able to give more personal attention than they might otherwise be able to give. They, also have different backgrounds, and different points of view. Classmates also live all over the country and different lifestyles.

      For me the advantages of an online education far outweigh the disadvantages, but if you’re still not sure that an online education is right for you, at least try out a class or two online. I highly recommend you give online education a chance.