There are many advantages to using an aero pilates machine and you will discover these in this article. Traditional pilates offers a form of stretching and movements that give you strength, flexibility and good posture when done correctly. The basic form teaches you to use your mind to control your body movements while keeping your spine in balance.

With the use of the Aero machine, you do not have to worry about aligning your body correctly. The machine is designed to give your body the exact alignment necessary for the exercises that you will be doing.  This does not mean that you lose any of the  focus required to do the movements you will just be more comfortable in knowing that you body is aligned correctly.

Another advantage to the pilates equipment is the cardio resistance that it offers. The different machines available from Aero all come with adjustable resistance bands. The bands on the pilates machine are used along with the regular exercises but they offer resistance when doing the movements. When you find that your strength has built up you can adjust the bands to give you a more challenging workout.

The rebounder bar is a piece that you can put on the equipment to add more to your cardio workout. This is another advantage of getting the machine. The bar is placed at the foot end of the machine and lies perpendicular to the equipment. When you apply pressure with your legs you will feel a bit of flex, this makes the exercises less demanding on your joints and adds a bit more to the cardio workout.

The aero pilates machine comes in a number of different styles but all of them will provide you with a full body workout. They all have a comfortable padded cushion for you to lie down on, as opposed to a thin mat with traditional pilates. The cushion moves back and forth on rollers, and is used while your feet are either placed on the rebounder bar or a regular footrest.

All of the machines come with a DVD that explains and demonstrates the proper techniques for using the equipment. The precise movements used in pilates are designed to realign your spine, shape your body and strengthen your muscles. You will find that all of these will be maximized when using the equipment, as opposed to doing pilates on a mat alone.

This is another advantage of the aero machine, if you have been doing pilates for some time you may no longer feel that you are maximizing your workout time. You have reached your potential in stretching, utilizing the movements and control of your mind, but now feel that something is lacking. The equipment will give you the resistance and cardio workout that you may feel you were missing after becoming familiar with traditional pilates.

After looking at the advantages of the equipment, you may feel that this is your next step in doing pilates. Be sure to check out the different machines that are available to you before purchasing one. Know how much room you have and get measurements on the aero pilates machine that you want before committing to a new machine for your workout.