Anti-Aging Properties in Apple Stem Cells

Organic Skin Care

There may be some truth to the old adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away since the fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber for heart health and digestive improvement. But scientists have learned that hidden inside certain kinds of apples are secret weapons to combat aging of the skin. Extracts of these ingredients perform wonders in skin care products to enhance the appearance of your skin through anti-aging properties.

Plant stem cells from a simple apple tree hold the secret that boosts the protective activity of human stem cells in the skin. Normally, stem cells in the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, work to create healthy new skin, but the cells are dramatically reduced and lose a good deal of function as we age. Scientists, however, have discovered an extract derived from apple stem cells that can rejuvenate the skin, providing a radiant appearance by increasing the longevity of skin cells. The extract even stimulates aging skin cells to help banish the appearance of wrinkles. 

Your body contains many different cell types, including adult stem cells, which maintain and repair tissues. Although adult stem cells have a reduction in function as your body ages, similar adult stem cells in plants have the potential to retain their functionality. In fact, the stem cells of a certain variety of apple have the capacity to provide your skin with special anti-aging elements. Apples were once grown and harvested for longevity before the rise of refrigeration, which provided fruits and other foods with long-term freshness. This changed the way farmers harvested certain crops. Since the time of refrigeration, apples and many other plant foods have been cultivated for appearance and flavor. However, the old variety of apple, called the Uttwiler Spatlauber, still exists from trees in certain isolated areas of rural Switzerland. 

Wrinkles Disappear 

Scientists have uncovered amazing anti-aging properties in the stem cells of these apples. Research has revealed the apple stem cells can repair damaged tissues and organs, including the replenishment and renewal of skin cells that are prone to shedding. The shedding of these skin cells causes such aging factors as wrinkles. An extract from the Swiss apple stem cells, called PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, was found to protect skin cells from aging and damage. 

Researchers were able to create cultures in liquid from the Uttwiler Spatlauber stem cells to produce PhytoCellTec, now used in commercial products. The biotechnological process was developed at Mibelle Biochemistry. Clinical trials show that topical applications of PhytoCellTec reduce the depth of wrinkles after only two weeks, according to research reported in a 2008 issue of SOFW Journal, an international publication for researchers and developers in the field of cosmetics and chemical specialties. 

Along with protecting skin from aging and environmental irritants, skin creams with the plant stem cell formula protect the skin from ultraviolet, or UV, damage, which can lead to skin cancer and accelerated aging of the skin. PhytoCellTec also strengthens stem cells in the body so they can generate new skin cells. The strengthening and rejuvenation of skin cells continues to improve the appearance of the epidermis. 

PhytoCellTec Swiss apple extract is one of the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging skin care. Aside from the benefits found during research, the apple stem cells provide rich amounts of proteins and phytonutrients for cell longevity and vitality. By strengthening the epidermal cells, the plant stem cells delay visible signs of aging while maintaining the skin’s elasticity. 

The manufacturing of skin care products that include Swiss apple stem cells helps to combat chronological aging of the skin, providing firmness on the outside and the under layers of the skin for protection against age-related factors. The stem cell extract reactivates new tissues to replenish collagen that decreases with age. People have seen dramatic and visible reduction in wrinkle depth in just 28 days after using these skin care products, according to studies. 

Nature's Way 

Further improvement and enhancement of the skin can come from other natural ingredients as well.  For example, leaders in the organics industry have added complementary natural ingredients long known for age correction qualities, along with PhytoCellTec Swiss apple stem cells, for additional anti-aging benefits.

It is widely accepted that Retinol, or vitamin A corrects wrinkles in many people.  Unfortunately, some people with sensitive skin find Retinol too harsh for them to use.  However, a natural alternative has been found which when coupled with the PhytoCellTec does not result in irritation and sensitivity. It even outperforms retinol in increasing collagen.  Outcomes have been promising just six days after treatment once a day with the Natural Retinol Alternative.   Results showed a 25 percent increase in collagen content compared to Retinol’s 17 percent.

The organic ingredients in the retinol alternative include chicory and Tara tree, which act like retinol. This benefits epidermal and dermal metabolism just as retinol does. Cell components, called galactomannans, from Tara tree also support cell regeneration and provide moisturizing effects. The complex mixture forms a protective shield on the skin surface for immediate lifting and long-term tightening of the skin. The ongoing effects continue to increase collagen activity. So you get the benefit of instant tightening and smoothing of the skin, but also the lasting effects of increased collagen production and cell regeneration. Wrinkles and crow’s feet continue to soften over time. The skin stays firm and the complexion is brightened.

The powerful, natural ingredients from retinol alternative and PhytoCellTec work together to fight signs of aging by increasing collagen and cell regeneration. This promotes skin that appears and acts ageless because of the corrective action of the natural ingredients.

Furthermore, there are no synthetic substances used in the products. The anti-aging benefits from the natural ingredients work organically on mature skin, correcting visible signs of aging immediately and over time, with no contraindications of synthetics used in other products.

Extract from Swiss apple stem cells along with added natural skin protection, such as Natural Retinol Alternative Complex, can actually help the skin to appear tightened and firm in as little as five minutes. Collagen levels are known to increase in just six days. In less than a month, wrinkles and crow’s feet dramatically soften.

So, while you’re eating an apple to keep the doctor away, you might want to use topical applications of Swiss apple stem cells to keep the dermatologist at bay. Not only that, but you’ll find long-lasting protection and softening to your skin with the long hidden secrets of apple stem cells.