Craft Beer

One needn't travel far to experience the explosion of artisanal goods in the U.S.  Often times they are as near as the nearest food truck or trendy restaurant with their locally sourced ingredients and staff with a passion for a lifestyle of promoting  that which transcends common.  A lifestyle that is eccentric yet approachable and attainable.  What could be more approachable than a nice tall pint of beer?

Craft beer has existed in one form or another for thousands of years.  The earliest record of the fermented beverage come from the ancient egyptians scribed on 4000 year old clay tablets.  These tablets indicate that the profession of beer brewer was primarily a profession for females and was highly respected.


Much more recently the first pilgrims to arrive in America were brewers.  This was long before we knew about yeast or its role in the brewing process.  Each family would often have their own wooden rod for stirring their brew that had on it a strand of yeast unique to that rod and that family.  This was important, not only for the beer brewing community but for health reasons as well.  It was well known that drinking water could make you extremely ill, drinking beer was much safer (and tastier)!

 126 Year Brewery CountCredit: Brewers AssociationFast-forward to modern day with its 2,538 unique breweries in the U.S. alone in 2013.  That's up from 2,403 in 2012 and WAY up from 2,027 in 2011.  Basically, I'm saying there's a lot to choose from.  Brewers are brewing every style imaginable from the light refreshing lagers to the dark syrupy stout.  You can get a traditional Belgian style beer and an American pale ale from the same brewery.  You can sit down in one brew pub or microbrewery and take taste trip around the world with beer! 

With craft beer breweries in all 50 states, the most being California with 316, and the most per capita in Vermont with 20 breweries per each 500,000 citizens, craft beer is clearly making an impact on society.  Craft beer fits in delightfully with the slow food movement and other artisanal goods, often served in the same place.  With all the choices out there you are bound to find a flavor that tickles your palette and compliments your favorite foodie desire.  So what are you waiting for?  Go down to the pub, grab a pint and meet some of the amazing people that are already a part of the movement, make some friends and love life!

Thank you for reading and if you have anything to add or critique please feel free to add it to the comments!  Until next time experience life to the fullest and love the ones your are living it with!


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